Ultimate Ears Megaboom Review
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Ultimate Ears Megaboom Review – Putting the Mega, in Boom!

Ultimate Ears Megaboom Review

Putting the Mega, in Boom!

Carrying a 50% deeper bass than previous models, this Ultimate Ears Megaboom Review outlines all the great things about their 3rd model, and perhaps some things left behind that may have been desired by their customers.

The Megaboom 3 was created to deliver on the UE unique sound better than previous models, but UE also had the durability in mind, hoping to make one of the most indestructible portable speakers on the market today.

With a reasonable cost, a decent sound profile, and basically an indestructible design, this speaker tops a lot of the charts for one of the most popular speakers on the market today.

Join me in my Ultimate Ears Megaboom review, where I hope to help break down specs, design and sound for you to make an informed decision on your next portable speaker!


The biggest, and most significant feature of the Megaboom 3 is its durability. UE has put this speaker through 25 rigorous durability tests, and during that time their test model endured thousands of button pushes, tumbles, and drops.

Coming out of that testing in full form, this portable speaker was deemed IP67 approved and can even survive a full dunk in the pool for up to 30 minutes. Take it on your paddle board, in the boat, or on your kayak, and trust you won’t lose it.. get this.. it floats! The Megaboom is completely buoyant and virtually impossible to lose. Ultimate Ears Megaboom Review

Having brought in some new features, and taken out others, UE has attempted to appease the many by making this speaker more user friendly.

The newest feature is the magic button on the top; a large touch sensitive button that can be preprogramed on the Boom app for things such as creating a custom playlist through Deezer Premium, Spotify or Amazon streaming music services. This same button can also play, pause or skip tracks with different double taps.

More: Purchase your Megaboom 3 for $199.99 now!

For volume, all you need to do is look at the side and find the large plus and minus signs.

This speaker comes in 4 colors; black, blue, red and plum (purple).

With the Party Up feature, you can pair up to 150 UE speakers to create the ultimate music environment.

The boom app also allows you to manage features such as party up, remote on/off, and customizable EQ. You can also set musical alarms, tap controls and more.

Included in the box is the mico-USB charging cord, and you do have the choice of purchasing the charging dock so you don’t have to plug it in. Simply place onto a dock that is plugged into an outlet.

Although not a huge priority for me, this speaker did not come with a built-in mic, and therefore does not have a speakerphone or smart assistant capabilities. If you enjoy being able to control your speaker via voice, this speaker will not allow you that opportunity.

Design & Specs

Ultimate Ears Megaboom Review

The Megaboom 3 was built in a cylindrical design, intended to deliver immersive and stereophonic audio. The 360′ spatial sound profile helps push sound evenly in all directions, instead of simply pointed in one direction.

The Megaboom is completely covered in a tough two-tone fabric material, the same material used with firefighters jackets and equipment, as well as motorcycle jackets. It’s intended to be extremely tough and resilient.

It measures 225 mm x 87 mm and weighs around the 2 pound mark.

On the top of the speaker is the magic button, power on/off, and Bluetooth button/LED. Along the spine on the top is a fabric hook loop for hanging or connecting your speaker to a surface, and on the bottom of the spine is a weather proof rubber cap hiding the USB charging port.

This speaker doesn’t have an AUX port, and therefore cannot be connected via wire, but must be connected via Bluetooth.

Don’t worry about battery life, as the Megaboom features 20 hours of battery life on a 2.5 hour charge. There are not quick charging features, and at higher volumes, the 20 hour battery life will fade faster as most speakers do.


Although the sound profile of this speaker carries huge claims of louder sound, with 50% deeper bass, you don’t have to worry about sound exaggeration or distortion because of this.

UE has done a great job of making this speaker louder, while still carrying clear and crisp sounds. The Megaboom has an extra sized woofer to help separate the bass, and make an impact within every song you play.

This speaker packs two 50mm (2 in), 4 ohm full range drivers and two 55mm x 86mm passive radiators.

While playing music, this speaker does a great job of pushing the music in all directions, and at high volumes doesn’t distort at all. Although it claims to have 50% more bass, the bass isn’t overwhelming and added a great boost.

The Megaboom has a maximum sound level of 90 decibels.

Cons and Other Considerations

As mentioned above, the only real downfall with this speaker, that UE had decided not to add with the Megaboom 3, is the speakerphone capabilities.

You cannot control the speaker via voice, nor can you control it with a smart assistant or answer calls.

For myself, this means nothing. These were not features I found useful in my portable speakers, and would much rather see time and resources dedicated to design and sound. This is exactly what UE did.

Although a slightly larger and heavier speaker than most portable speakers, UE did a great job making the speaker tick all the boxes from durability, to sound, or functionality and user friendliness.

Most if not all the features on this device are simple to use, and make sense for its purpose.

My Verdict: Tough speaker, for a cheap price

I can really appreciate the Megaboom 3, and for a mere $199.99 you really are getting a lot with it.

The 20 hour battery life is impressive, and being so durable, I can see anyone bringing it virtually anywhere. It takes up a bit of space in a bag or backpack, but don’t worry about just cramming it in there.

It has decent Bluetooth connectivity to, and connects seamlessly and will connect up to 45 meters away.

Bring this speaker anywhere and enjoy a crisp, clean sound that projects 360′ around you. I think any party goers will enjoy the use of this speaker.

I hope I helped narrow down your Bluetooth speaker search with my Ultimate Ears Megaboom review!

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  • Daniel Tshiyole

    I love it in blue. I think I will get the blue one. I also see that it is quite affordable. Maybe it’s something I should look into. I feel like a speaker is needed around the house incase you want to host pour friends and I am in need of a new speaker. I will be sure to look into it 

  • TYP

    The first time I saw the Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3, I thought it was a JBL Charge 3. Very similar look!

    After studied the features like waterproof and battery life for 20 hours, I am impressed with it and would consider to get one when my existing Bluetooth Speaker give way. 

    The deep bass will prevent large distortion from the speaker. 

    The only setback to me is lack of voice control, which I see trending for new bluetooth speakers onboard in the market. 

    • Brooke

      Hey TYP!

      I really love the JBL’s! I own a couple and they are fantastic speakers. I haven;t owned an Ultimate Ears product yet, but I hear those two brands are neck and neck for sound, design, and portability. 

      As ironic as it seems, voice control just doesn’t seem to be the way speakers are going anymore. It seems almost redundant when you can always use your smart phone as a voice controller ( at least 99% of smart phones).

      Thanks for the comment!

  • LineCowley

    This is a very detailed review on the Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3 Bluetooth speaker.  It certainly looks like a very impressive speaker for the size and price. There are not many speakers that can boast to be dunked in the pool for 30 minutes and still work. So definitely perfect for a pool party. 

    With a battery that will last 20 hours, you can also party through the night. How long will it take to recharge the battery? Thank you. 

  • Carol Barnes

    I think this is the speaker for my husband! It is reasonably priced with a basically indestructible design. He spends most of his free time in the garage where he has ruined a number of bluetooth speakers. I like the idea that along the spine on the top there is a fabric hook loop to hang it on the wall, out of the way. Again, enjoyed reading this review and my plan is to get one of these speakers for him for Christmas! Thank you.

    • Brooke

      It definately checks all the boxes there! I am happy you enjoyed the content. Let me know if you have any more questions before confirming your purchase!

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