Ultimate Ears Hyperboom Review
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Ultimate Ears Hyperboom Review – Does bigger mean better?

Ultimate Ears Hyperboom Review

Does bigger mean better?

Another large and in charge speaker from the daughter company of Logitech, this Ultimate Ears Hyperboom Review is sure to let you know if the huge cost of this speaker is worth it!

Releasing early 2020 on February 25th, the Hyperboom speaker is the biggest and loudest of the Ultimate Ears portable speaker line-up, and has been proven to be 3x louder, and features 6x more bass than any other speaker from UE.

I think it’s easy to see, however, that the cost stops a lot of people in their tracks.

In my Ultimate Ears Hyperboom Review, I am going to help you understand more about the specifics of this speaker, what makes it the loudest and biggest speaker on the UE line, as well as what I think are huge wins and potentially opportunities for this speaker.

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By the end of my review, I hope I will have justified a large cost for a large speaker.

Join me in my Ultimate Ears Hyperboom Review below!


As mentioned above, the Ultimate Ears Hyperboom released in February of 2020. It is advertised at $499.99 CAD and $399.99 USD. For a lot of people, this cost can buy them several speakers.

So why the big cost?

This speaker is physically the biggest of the UE line-up, and features duel drivers across the board. The Hyperboom is guaranteed to fill spaces unknown to many speakers on the market today, and features adaptive EQ abilities to help distinguish where it is, and how it should shape the music.

Despite its size, this speaker is fairly light, and features a rubber handle for easy portability.

Although not completely waterproof, the Hyperboom is splash resistant, so whether you have it inside or outside, you know you’ll be safe from any accidents.

Features such as PartyUp; allowing several UE speakers to connect at once, the optical input; enabling connection to TV services or gaming systems, as well as the extremely long battery life allow this speaker to capture a significant price.

Connect two different Bluetooth devices for a seamless back and forth play without a break in the music. Both you and your friends can select and play music without having to stop, pair or share the AUX port.

The UE Hyperboom, as with all of their speakers, connects via the Boom app. You can control EQ settings, sync up playlists, and have full control of your speaker volume, settings and track forward/back.

Although I’ll explain further below, this speaker delivers on big sound, with quality durability, and so far lives up to the significant price tag.

This speaker only have Bluetooth connectivity and doesn’t feature WIFI.

Design & Specs

Ultimate Ears Hyperboom Review

The Hyperboom is designed as an upright standing rectangle with rubber feet on the bottom for bass absorbtion. Controls are featured on the top panel, and plug-ins are under a water resistant flap directly under the rubber handle along a corner spine.

After use, the strap flattens to hide away and keeps the design sleek. The majority of the speakers grille is covered by a water resistant cloth.

Ports along the spine are a service port, USB charge out, optical input, AUX input and power connections, all covered by a waterproof flap.

Measuring 364 x 190 x 190 mm and weighing only 5.9 KG this speaker is big, yet lighter than you would imagine. It is definitely the type of speaker you would want at your party to fill the space and engage your audience.

This UE speaker is IPX4 rated, which is lower than any of the other speakers on the UE line-up. However, with the loudness of this speaker you don’t have to have it right next to the pool or sink to hear it clearly. Setting it within a corner or on a table will be sufficient enough that you won’t have to worry about it being too close to any damage.

Featuring a 24-hour battery life, this speaker will go on for the duration of any party. However, the 24 hours of battery life will only thrive at 50% volume, and as with most speakers, you can expect a reduction to that at higher volumes for longer periods of time.

Soundultimate ears hyperboom review

Being a bigger speaker, UE was able to fit more drivers, for a “Hyperboom” feel to this speaker. It features duel 25mm tweeters, duel 4.5 in woofers, and duel 3.5 x 7.5 in passive bass radiators. Combined, this speaker pushes 45 Htz to 20khtz.

Even if you’re not completely blown away by the sound of this speaker, I can guarantee you’ll be satisfied. Whether it be at high volumes or low volumes, this speaker delivers crisp highs, and beautifully intense bass lows.

All of the above combined with the adaptive EQ is sure to deliver on your party needs. In addition, hook up this speaker with the optical input and enhance your gaming station, or if you don’t have a soundbar, help enhance the sound of your TV.

Cons and Other Considerations

Overall I have very few negative things to mention about the Hyperboom.

What I feel could be better is the IPX rating, as all the other UE speakers are IPX6. However, I can also counteract this by saying because of the Bluetooth Range, and the distance the sound of this speaker carries, you wouldn’t need to have it too close to danger to enjoy it.

I have some personal opinions to say regarding the design. I find it a little boring, as it’s such a simple and lack-luster design. It’s not much to look at, however, if you’re just looking for big sound, then this speaker is a great choice.

My Verdict: A big speaker that delivers on a big price!

This speaker is meant for large gatherings or enhancing your TV and gaming stations. I think it delivers 100% on these aspects and is well worth the cost.

Being the biggest and loudest of all the UE speakers, the Hyperboom delivers on its price tag with several duel drivers that bump bass and articulate highs.

Purchase your Hyperboom here!

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