tribit xsound mega
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Tribit Xsound Mega – Their Most Colorful Speaker!

Tribit Xsound Mega

The Tribit Xsound Mega speaker was first announced for release at the CES event in Las Vegas, January of 2022. An enhancement to the Xsound line-up, the Tribit Mega has bigger sound, bigger bass and better durability than some of the other speakers.

Tribit has always been known as a low-budget portable speaker company, but does this Tribit Xsound Mega compete with some of the other high-quality speakers on the market today, such as the Sony SRS-XB33 that I did a review on several weeks back?

Priced just below $100, the Xsound Mega brings some interesting features that you may or may not get excited about.

Join me in reviewing the Tribit Xsound Mega!

Overview & Specs

Honestly, at the end of the day the Tribit Xsound Mega is a basic portable speaker, with LED lights for trivial show during late night get-together. For the inexpensive price of $99 on Amazon, it meets all the criteria for a portable speaker.

Tribit was aiming to achieve a satisfactory bassy speaker, with durability to enhance portability, while still maintaining a quality sound listeners will be satisfied with. They checked off most boxes, and then added LED’s.

The LED’s and the Xbass are the biggest additions to this speaker compared to the rest of the Xsound line.

The LED is a strip that surrounds the outside rim of the front speaker grille and is controlled by a button along the top panel. There is no companion app, so all of your speaker functions are located along that same top panel. The LED’s sync to the rhythm and beat of the music you are listening to.

The Tribit Xsound Mega comes with an outstanding 20 hours of playtime, but a long 4 hour charge time. With LED lights and volume at high, this 20 hour playtime is drastically reduced, as with most speakers.

It is IPX7 rated, which means it is waterproof for up to 30 minutes of submersion. However, it also means it is not dust proof. So although you can take it to a pool party and not worry, you’ll want to be more careful at the beach, or a camp site.

It features Bluetooth 5.0, and an option for NFC pairing for Android phones.

A mic along the top panel allows for speakerphone capabilities, and could also support smart assistant capabilities.

For how inexpensive this speaker is, it brings a lot of options that most speakers under $100 wouldn’t.

Tribit did a great job competing in this category.

tribit xsound mega


The speaker is designed in a pill shape, covered in a rubberized material, with a metal painted grille over the drivers.

The Tribit Xsound Mega is a front facing speaker, and care should be taken when figuring out where to place this speaker, as it does not have 360 degree sound. Your best sound will come if you’re facing the speaker.

The buttons for this speaker are located on the top panel, and are flat to the surface with slight grooves. They are also made of soft rubber for easy feel and grip. The hands-free mic is also along the top panel with the buttons.

The buttons included are power, Bluetooth pairing, playback buttons, volume, LED adjustments, and EQ modes. The EQ modes are displayed as small LED lights on the top so you know which setting you are on.

The rubber feet on the bottom of the speaker help hold the speaker in place when playing bassy songs, and help eliminate vibrations to the speaker.

Against the back panel there’s a rubber flap that protects the USB-C charging port, and USB for charging the speaker. They also include a 3.5 AUX input and a cable to go with it in the box.

This speaker weighs 2.3 pounds, slightly on the heavier side, while it measures 250 x 87 x 80 mm (HXWXD).


The Xsound Mega’s tweeter and woofer pump out music at 30 watts, which is on the impressive side for portable speakers, while a passive radiator enhances and controls the extra bass that Tribit pumped into this speaker. The frequency range is 60Hz – 20 kHz.

All together, the drivers create a very clear sound stage that is enhanced depending on the EQ you set it to. The pass

tribit xsound mega

ive radiator sits against the back panel.

This speaker comes with 3 different EQ modes, controllable only from the top panel of the speaker.

Xbass: Enhances your bass sound, however, sometimes gargles the mid-high frequencies.

Music: Represents the most level sound stage for your music. It evenly distributes the low, mid, and high frequencies. Most listeners would select this EQ and keep it there.

Audio book: This setting enhancing the mid-high frequencies for clearer audio, and less distractions.

At high levels, the speaker does a great job maintaining the bassy-ness without distortion. Depending on the song you may hear slight distortion, but overall the speaker has a very well-rounded sound.

Cons and Other Considerations

What I Love!

This speaker is inexpensive, but it doesn’t sacrifice sound, or design. It’s a bit basic, and won’t be your best sounding speaker on the market. However, it sure as hell competes fiercely. If you’re looking for a first time speaker for someone who doesn’t need anything fancy, this is an excellent choice.

It meets all factors at par, but doesn’t over exceed in any one category. This makes it a very well-rounded speaker for its cost.

20-hour playtime is great, and definitely a bonus in such a cost effective speaker.

What I Think Could Be Better…

A few things I personally think:

I don’t need a light show. I feel this feature is overrated, and underappreciated. People just don’t care haha. Its such a trivial function that’s fun for a few minutes, but gets old quick. Especially when it drains your battery life. I feel Tribit should have spent the extra time on a different feature, rather than the LED.

4-hour charge time is a long time, but 20 hours of playtime is huge as well. I guess you can’t have your cake and eat it too!

My biggest gripe with this speaker is how cheap it feels and looks. I wish Tribit had spent more time elevating the design rather than the LED lights.

My Verdict: Inexpensive, and basic.

If you’re buying you kids a speaker that they can toss around, and that won’t break your bank? The Tribit Xsound Mega is the perfect speaker for you.

Its a very well-rounded speaker, that delivers par on all metrics. But it also doesn’t knock the socks off of one category. Its a speaker you purchase, knowing very well that in several years you’ll need to get a new one to upgrade.

For $99 bucks you can’t really complain. It’s perfect for its price range, being slight better than your $70 portable speakers, but not quite good enough to compete with your $150 portable speakers.

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