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Symfonisk Wifi Speakers – Sonos and Ikea Come Together!

Symfonisk Wifi Speakers

If you haven’t heard about the Symfonisk Wifi Speakers and are an avid speaker fan like myself, you’re going to want to read this article!

We all know that Ikea is the industry leader in home furnishings. And more so, we all know how advanced Sonos is as an industry leading music and technology giant. Both companies are always looking for new ways to blend their expertise into our home environments. There couldn’t be a better combination of companies to make these
Symfonisk Wifi Speakers.

Join me in my following article as I break down each speaker type, and help identify which speaker works best in your home today!

What Are Symfonisk Wifi Speakers?

It’s really quite simple, music and the atmosphere within your home is about as normal as a rug or piece of art work on the wall. So why should you have to clutter your home with more than you need? Have we ever considered maybe your furnishings could be part of the music and atmosphere within your home?

Ikea and Sonos have banded together to create some outstanding pieces of furniture that you would normally already have in your home, and have added speaker capabilities to them. From a lamp, to a shelf that you can stack things on, right down to a picture frame with Sonos quality sounds. They call them Symfonisk Speakers.

Ikea and Sonos have made it easy to furnish your home with sound!

As with most Sonos products, each piece comes in the classic Sonos white or black colors to fit any home decor or environment. In addition, each piece is compatible with the Sonos app, making integrating these pieces into your already existing Sonos home as easy as a click of a button.

Symfonisk Lamp

This product from the Symfonisk Wifi Speakers line is straightforward, and functional. Light and sound from one device means fewer cords to hide, less electrical sockets to consume, and blends two major atmospheric components within your home into one.

As mentioned, there’s so much potential in these products with the Sonos pairing capabilities. Pair two or three speakers together to make a home theater experience, or simply have a single lamp within your bedroom for a separate experience altogether.

Everyone needs light, so this is the most functional product from the Symfonisk Wifi Speakers collection.

Symfonisk Bookshelf

Another extremely functional product, combining a shelf and music together. The Symfonisk bookshelf can be mounted several ways, or simply placed on a bookshelf or table somewhere that best suits your lifestyle.

This product has received the Red Dot Award, a German international design award, for its outstanding features and adaptability to its environment. symfonisk wifi speakers

Whether you place it on a table or surface, use it as a smaller mounted shelf, or as a bedside table for your glass of water, phone and book, this product will not disappoint.

You can place it horizontally or vertically, and regardless, you’ll get a rich sound while optimizing your space. You can also hang it with hooks (sold separately) or mount it on the wall as a bookshelf (sold separately).

Regardless of how you use these pieces, I know you’ll be satisfied!

Symfonisk Picture Frame

Last but most definitely not least is the picture frame. I have to say, I think this is the most sophisticated of them all, take a concept that has never been seen before. symfonisk wifi speakers

Want the speakers and quality sound without seeing the speaker? How about if we combine it with a picture?

This product is super cool, and one of the newer products to the Symfonisk wifi speakers line.

Boasting various interchangeable fronts, you can mount it to a wall, lean it on a shelf, or put it on the ground, and regardless you’ll get a neat piece of artwork with the beautiful sounds of Sonos!

Being so thin, you’ll be surprised how significant a product this is!

Which One Will You Pick?

It’s hard not to find the functionality within these products. Each being suitable for any situation makes these speakers ideal for apartments, condos, spacious homes and tight homes.

It will be difficult to not find a creative way to display these products and impress any visitors in your home with the sound quality of Sonos.

Although it never crossed my mind before, these two companies will be ground breaking together, and I am excited to see what more they come up with.

The best part yet? Each of these Symfonisk wifi speakers is well priced, all coming in at less than $200. Considering the Sonos Roam is the cheapest Sonos speaker on the market, these speakers compete and impress.

Talk soon,



  • Paolo

    I really like the high quality sound of Sonos. It’s nice to have a good sound in my apartment because it makes it really cozy. And it would be even more impressive if I can hide the speakers and make them look as a picture. 

    I didn’t know that these products were available. I will go shopping this Saturday.

    • Brooke

      Hey Paolo!

      Yes! I only recently discovered these as well. Being such an avid Sonos fan I was disappointed in myself haha. I have lived in both small apartments and big houses, so I can appreciate the value these types of products add to the comfort of a home. Your comment is fitting, “comfy” is an appropriate word. You don’t want to have a comfy home, then drench it in ugly noise!! hahah.

      Talk soon!


  • Leahrae

    I love the Symfonisk lamp!  Getting light and music without additional stuff on my side table would be great.  How is the sound quality.  And is it bluetooth, so it picks music from a bluetooth source?  The lamp would go very well with my decor and of course I love Ikea and can always find a reason to go shopping there.

    • Brooke

      Good Morning,

      Thanks for the comment, and yes! Seeing these two companies come together to produce such a unique device is very cool!

      The speaker within the lamp is a Sonos speaker, which is an extremely high quality speaker. The sound is superb! 

      Sonos runs through WiFi, so as long as you download the Sonos App, you’ll be able to connect to your speaker through wifi with any device with the Sonos app.

      I hope I answered you’re questions! Have a great weekend.


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