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Sony SRS XG500 – A portable speaker with out-of-the-box features!

There’s no doubt that Sony has an endless supply of speaker options, which has encouraged them to start thinking outside the box with the Sony SRS XG500.

Featuring some pretty neat options I haven’t seen on any other speaker, this device is sure to meet the needs of any music enthusiast out there. Between the durability rating, functionality, and sound quality, I am sure this speaker will be part of your portable speaker collection!

Join me in reviewing the Sony SRS XG500!

Name: Sony SRS XG500
Manufacturer: Sony

User Friendly: 8/10
Sound Quality:

Overall Rank: 7.2/10

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The Sony SRS XG500 is a boombox style option for a portable speaker part of the X Series of Sony speakers.

It has a battery life lasting well over 24 hours of play time, 30 hours to be exact, and has a quick charge time of 10 minutes for 3 hours of play-time. Sony has ensured that there is a battery care feature to avoid overcharging and keeps your battery in optimum condition for longer.

This device has been built to play loud and long, while standing up to any environment you choose to take residence.

This speaker features numerous output/input options, while displaying LED lights on the end caps circling the passive radiators. Sony has done a great job making this a party speaker, without the cheesy feel of most light-up speakers.

The options to plug in a mic and sing karaoke, or even plug in your guitar and use it as an amp is probably a first, putting this device on the map as an option for serious music enthusiasts.

It connects with the iconic Sony Music Control app, allowing you to adjust EQ and lighting, while also connecting to the Fiestible app, which allows you to manage music playlists, or sing karaoke.

The Sony SRS XG500 is on the heavier end of portable speakers, but features a sleek handle along the top of the speaker to carry it around with you.


  • IP66 water resistent and dustproof
  • Inputs for mic option
  • Inputs for guitar hook up and amp conversion
  • 2 x USB – A input for battery charging or USB input
  • 30 hours of battery life
  • Sony Music App connectivity
  • Fiestable app connectivity
  • Party connect up to 100 devices
  • Bluetooth compatible


The Sony SRS XG500 only comes in black, and is designed as a miniature boom box. You could even throw it on your shoulder if you’d like!

It weighs just over 12 pounds, which reaches the limit of a portable speaker. It measures 460 x 256 x 256 mm and is a long tube-like shape.

It features a very sleek handle that spans from one end to the other, and displays the control buttons on the top right hand corner. About 90% of the device is covered in a dust resistant durable mesh fabric. It sits on rubberized feet for stability during the bassy moments.

On the back of the device is a weather proof flap that hides numerous input/output terminals, such as 2 USB-A for phone charging or USB stick usage, stereo mini jack, and a mic/guitar input.

sony srs xg500

Sound Quality

The most recent Sony devices feature the X-Balanced speakers. An non-circular speaker shape, instead of the classic circular, that allows the diaphragm more surface area, creating richer and clearer sound no matter what music you’re listening to.

By maximizing the diaphragm it increases sound pressure for deeper bass, clear vocals, and enhanced listening experiences.

sony srs xg500

The Sony SRS XG500 has 2 tweeters on either side of the speakers, and a passive radiator on either end. The diameter of the tweeter is 2.5cm x 2, and the diameter of the woofer is 11cm x 2.

It is front facing, although the mesh covering surrounds the entire speaker, so is best placed somewhat close to the corner of the room. However, this device will blast music regardless of being indoor or outdoor and the tweeters help expand the sound stage.

Sony developed this speaker to really punch the bass, and features options through the app to enhance the music the way you want to including Live Sound and XBass options for even more humph.

This speaker was designed to perform long, and for long periods. If you’re looking for that in your portable speaker, this could be the speaker for you!

Price & Value

Although I can appreciate the extra options of turning the speaker into an amp with your guitar, or using it as a Kareoke device, at the $500 range it can really blow a customers budget out of the water.

Without the additional features above, this speaker really just is another Bluetooth Portable speaker, and can be easily compared with other speakers on the market today.

Take a look at the JBL Xtreme 2, which is cheaper, with very similar sound quality and battery features!

My Verdict

If you play the guitar, or enjoy a good night of karaoke, then this will definitely be the speaker for you. You’ll just have to be prepared to spend half a grand on it.

Sony did a great job as always with the sound quality, and functionality with their SRS XG500, however, there are several other speakers I would point a consumer to prior to this one.

Take a look at a few of these 🙂

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