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Sony SRS XB31 Speaker – Be The Life Of The Party!

Sony SRS XB31 speaker


Sony SRS XB31 Speaker

If you’re into being the life of a party, this Sony SRS XB31 speaker could be the speaker that takes you up a level!

We know Sony is an expert in technology, and specifically sound technology, but I am sure we also have TV’s, cameras, and game stations that boast their logo. It’s fair to admit that Sony is a well-known brand that families have trusted since its conception in May of 1946.

However, does this speaker match this same reliability that we have all come to know with Sony, or does it leave room for improvement?

Join me in reviewing the Sony SRS XB31 speaker. I’ll speak to an overview of the speaker, a breakdown of important specs you need to know about, and what I love and maybe do not love about this device.

Let’s look at the Sony SRS XB31 speaker!

Overview of the Sony SRS XB31 Speaker

As mentioned above, this Sony SRS XB31 Speaker is meant to capture attention and level up any party you’re attending. I say this because Sony has specific features that add a bit more to a regular portable speaker. It comes in three different colors: aqua, white, and black.

Feature wise, the entire SRS line features an “Extra Bass” button that can be selected through their Music Center app that enhances the beat of your music to give it some extra “oomph”. Although this is a cool feature, it’s nothing new in the music industry and is seen on a lot of different speakers. The term “Extra Bass” is patented by Sony in relation to portable speakers.sony srs xb31 speaker

Taking a small speaker and adding “Live Sound” to it is also a feature specific to Sony, and uses three-dimensional sound experience. The speakers on the Sony SRS XB31 Speaker are built with DSP technology which sends your music out to a wider area, creating what they claim to be a “festival vibe”.

The Sony SRS XB31 Speaker has two 48 mm speaker units for powerful sound and bass. It is built with mica-reinforced speaker cones that contribute to its sound quality.  These cones are lighter, yet solid for better sound distribution and clarity.

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Creating animation around the product, Sony has attempted to take a fun approach to changing music and engaging the listeners. They have a feature called “Party Booster” that allows you to tap your speaker in different areas to make different sounds while playing music. Sounds like a scratch, snare, kick drum and cowbell are what you may hear when you tap, as well as controlling the volume with a gentle tap for soft sound or a solid hit for a loud output.

The most visible feature for the Sony SRS XB31 Speaker are the strobe lights, available on each end of the speaker, as well as the track lighting that moves with the music, featured around the entire front of the speaker.

Have you got several Sony speakers? This is a feature we are noticing more and more, the ability to connect multiple speakers together and play all together. The Sony SRS XB31 Speaker can pair with up to 100 different Sony speakers!

Last, but not least are some basic features we notice on most portable speakers and that’s the IP67 rating. This speaker is completely rust proof, dust proof, and water proof. It has a mesh fabric on the outside made exclusively in Japan that cleans and washes easily.

You can charge your smart phone with the USB charging port on the back, and the Sony SRS XB31 Speaker is Bluetooth compatible as well as NFC.

Important Specs


Holding its own for long periods of time is super important for a portable speaker, and the Sony SRS XB31 Speaker has matched the industry norm plus some.

Without Extra Bass on, this speaker can last up to 24 hours, and with the Extra Bass feature on can last up to 14 hours before another charge is needed.


The Sony SRS XB31 Speaker weighs approx 1.5 pounds and sizes around 231 mm x 87 mm x 81 mm (W X H X D).


Bluetooth version 4.2, with up to 30 meters of connectivity.

What I LOVE!

Personally, the lights and strobe feature are a bit much for me. It feels very cheesy and carries a slightly cheap look. However, that is completely personal! Others may completely disagree and LOVE these features.

I love the engagement features, allowing people to tap to make different sounds and connecting up to 100 speakers brings the party together.

It has decent battery life, and having owned a speaker that allows you to charge your smart phone, you’ll be surprised how often you’ll use this.

It comes with an almost indestructible IPX rating, and can be dropped in water, mud, or dirt with no concern to the safety of the speaker. This makes it extremely portable without worry.

Sony always has great sound, and having tried this speaker before I can attest to the fact that even without the Extra Bass, this speaker will impress.

What’s To Be Desired?

The Extra Bass feature really sucks the battery life, and may not be worth it in the long run.

This speaker costs $200, and although some may find this a reasonable price, it isn’t the most budget friendly. However, you’ll be paying for the quality you receive.

My Verdict

I really like this portable speaker, and although it can be expensive for some, I know you won’t be disappointed.

This is a speaker you’ll have for a long-time, that will survive the craziest party, or the easy-going chill day you and your friends may be having.

Its compact enough that you can throw it in a bag, and the battery life will last you an overnight trip anywhere.

Besides the “cheesy” (personal opinion :P) lights and strobe effect, this is a speaker that anyone would be proud to have.

Tested this speaker before? Have questions or notice I’ve missed something? Leave it below!

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  • Andy

    Hi. I agree with you regarding the lights feature. That does sound a bit cheesy. I guess I’d have one fear with the tap feature allowing you to tap out beats of the music. We can all imagine the cringeworthy moments at a party when the loud person with a less than perfect sense of rhythm and even less awareness of what is socially appropriate gets hold of it and starts ruining the beat of your favorite music. I think a little-known fact is that many of us experience music quite differently. While some can listen to an entire orchestra and tell whether the flutist is playing a wooden or a metal flute, others have a hard time tapping their foot to rock and roll. Sorry, I am sounding like a musical snob.

    Anyway, I’d be very interested to know how the DSP to give the festival effect works. Does it try to recognize the sound patterns that correlate with specific instruments and then add tiny amounts of delay, or does it just do the same with whole frequency bands? I am guessing here and quite likely I am completely off the mark. Thanks, Andy

    • Brooke

      I am laughing! This is so accurate about that “one” person at the party! Yes, we all experience music in a different manner and I can see that feature ruining it for a lot of party-goers. I don’t think you sound like a snob at all, I think you have a great self-awareness that many people do not possess.

      If you’re referring to the LED lights and strobe lights on the front, the light pulsates with the back beat of the music, creating a “festival” going atmosphere. I guess we could say it recognizes sound patterns with the bass. 

      I hope I answered your question properly! Let me know if I didn’t 🙂

      Talk soon,


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