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Sony SRS NS7 – The Newest Wearable Home Theater!

Sony SRS NS7

The Newest Wearable Home Theater!

Leave it to Sony to build a portable, wearable home theater around your neck. Available at the end of October 2021, the new Sony SRS NS7 gives “home theater” a new meaning.

Like a crazy coincidence, I was watching a movie last night with my partner and we struggled to hear the voices. I turned the volume up. Then suddenly an action scene plays, and we are scrambling to turn it down before we blow our eardrums out! We can’t be the only ones facing this issue?

Could the Sony SRS NS7 be the solution to all of our problems?

In this review, I’ll do a quick breakdown of the Sony SRS NS7. I’ll speak to the important specs and what is most notable about this release. I’ll also give you a breakdown of what I love, and what I don’t like so much.

By the end, I hope to have helped answer some questions about the Sony SRS NS7 and whether you may be putting in a pre-order sooner rather than later!

Join me in reviewing the Sony SRS NS7!!

Overview of the Sony SRS NS7

The Neckband

Welcome to your own personalized home theater experience! The Sony SRS NS7 is a new beast in a line of neckband wearing headsets. Claiming to provide non-stop entertainment, this device features a long battery life and comfortable fit. The Sony SRS NS7 is made from soft fabric and on the pieces that touch your neck, made from flexible silicon. This makes it easy to keep clean and its packaging lives up to Sony’s environmental commitment. 95% of all packaging is not plastic, making it easy to recycle. sony srs ns7

The neckband is used as any other type of headphone, featuring an open-ear listening experience, and delivering Sony’s amazing 360 Spatial Sound. Connect to your phone for music or, for the customers that work from home, take business calls comfortably.

The most dynamic feature to the Sony SRS NS7 device is its home theater capabilities.

This neckband is the first to deliver Dolby Atmos when paired with Sony’s BRAVIA XR TV’s and the wireless transmitter. A 360 Spatial Sound Personalizer app is available to personalize your listening experience. The app takes photos of the users ear and analyses their hearing characteristics by estimating the ears 3D shape. This will only work if you have a BRAVIA XR model of Sony’s TV’s and obviously the wireless transmitter.

While listening to music on your smart phone, you can use the 360 reality audio when using music providers such as Deezer, nugs.net, and TIDAL.

The Wireless Transmitter

sony srs ns7The transmitter allows you to connect any Sony headphone, buds or earphones to your TV for a similar experience. This device pairs via Bluetooth technology, and not only connects your devices but actively works to reduce the audio delay so users can be fully immersed and the sound can match perfectly.

Yes, this means you don’t necessarily have to purchase the SRS NS7 neckband to create a similar home theater experience.

More: Purchase the transmitter on its own below!

Important Specs

Speaker placement

In order to achieve clear acoustics and powerful sound pressure, the Sony SRS NS7 features an X-Balanced speaker unit, which provides the optimum speaker size for a compact body.

In addition, the neckband features a upward facing speaker for delivery of crisp sound directly into the user’s ears, and a passive radiator that increases low frequency responses for clearer bass sounds.

Microphone placement allows the capture and delivery of voices to be precise, and the X-Balacned speaker unit reproduces voices clearly.

The Sony SRS NS7 is optimized with echo cancelling features to minimize feedback and ensures you’re heard loud and clear on the other end of a call.

Other Features

As with the newest Sony headsets, the Sony SRS NS7 has multi-point connections. This allows the user to connect to multiple devices at one time. For example, if you’re listening to music on your laptop, and a call comes in on your smartphone. If the neckband has been previously connected to the phone it will give you an option to switch to answer the call. When the call is done, it will switch back to the previous listening device.

This neckband comes with a 12-hour battery life, and 5 hours at full volume. If you’re stuck in a bind and need a quick charge, an easy 10 minute charge will give you 60 minutes of additional listening time.

The Sony SRS NS7 is IPX4 splash-proof. Although not built to be brought out of the home, it will withstand minor dust and water exposure.

This device measures up at (W x H x D) 9 5/8 x 2 1/8 x 7 3/8in, and weighs a mere 12 ounces.

What I Love!

I am really cut down the middle with this device, and have equal amounts of great things to say, and not so great things. Lets start with the great!

This headband is exactly what I am looking for in late-night movie watching while I am alone. I love that it connects with your TV, and gives an ultimate surround sound experience without worrying about how loud you are or struggling to hear speech.

Having tried it on, this band is extremely comfortable. It’s lightweight and you don’t notice it on at all!

Although I can’t see me needing to, this device is easy to wipe clean if you get food or debris on it.

The 12 hour battery life is pretty good considering what you would use this neckband for. It’s not really designed to be brought out of the house, but obviously can be. This battery life is dependent on how loud you user it at and for how long too.

What I Don’t Love…

Soooo… what I am not super fond of.

Although it is lightweight.. It’s bulky, and looks a bit silly around your neck. It reminds me of something an astronaut would wear or something haha!

A lot of their best features are only available if you own a BRAVIA XR model of TV in correlation with the wireless transmitter. Things like the 360 Spatial Sound personalizer won’t work without the right TV model. This eliminates a lot of what this head band considered as an advantage against competitors.

My Verdiect

I think the real hero here is the WLA NS7 wireless transmitter. This transmitter can take any Sony Headset, band, or bud and convert it into a surround sound experience with your TV.

Hopefully I’ve helped you understand this new device better and come to a confident purchasing decision!

Leave comments and questions below! Check out my other reviews here 🙂

Until next time,



  • Page

    Ill be honest this is my first time hearing of the Sony SRS NS7, with trying out several different home theatres myself and for some reason never being full satisfied with my purchase this for has opened me up to new options I wasnt even aware we sold. I guess my only concern would be the price point of this home theatre as it seem very high tech and usually that comes with a high price tag. Thank you for this article and teaching me about this product.

    • Brooke

      Hey there!

      They definitely didn’t make a bang with this product launch. Yeah $300 is a lot of money to spend on a device that you’ll only use while at home. 

      The Sony SRS NS7 is a very specific product and I think it will take a specific person to find a full purpose for it. As I mention in the article, the wireless transmitter really is the highlight of this products launch. 

      Thanks for the comment! Talk soon!


  • Ingrid Robins

    I am fond of Sony Products it is a good product my two TV have Sony parts in inbuild and I had the TV for over 4 years now and never had any problems with them  – and we watch a lot of TVs.

    I think this is a great product for sell I am hard of hearing and something like this would make a world a difference to me.

    Using the Sony Sound sound system is better than using headphones because I wear hearing aids this system would be ideal for me.

    • Brooke

      Hey Ingrid!

      Yes! Sony is a great company, and the Sony SRS NS7 is an interesting device that would be perfect for someone who has hearing aids.

      Thanks for the comment 🙂


  • Lauren Kinghorn

    Excellent review, Thanks a mill. You had me at wearable home theater device… your headline really drew me in.  And I appreciate you adding your pros and cons. I’m still trying to wrap my head around how a neckband morphs into a headset and I take your point, it’s the wireless transmitter for the win.  We have a Samsung and not a Sony Bravia TV, our headphones are Samsung earbuds – will Sony’s wireless transmitter wireless turn that combo into a wearable home theater device? Or should I be looking for a Samsung product with the same capabilities?

    • Brooke

      Good Morning!

      I appreciate the comment 🙂 Yeah the neckband is designed to be more of an open ear speaker as opposed to a headset. And yeah, the wireless transmitter is what really fuels this neck band. One of the major wins for this neckband is that its a first of its kind to include Dolby Atmos. 

      The transmitter only works with Sony products. However, I am currently researching if there are others like it through different brands.

      Keep your eye out for future review 🙂


  • edougawa

    I just got mine couple days ago and certainly loved it. I’m not sure what happened but mine does come with the WLA-NS7 included (I ordered one separately then found out there is already one inside the box). I wish Sony provide better functionality with PC / smartphone. I don’t have Sony TV. The headphone connect app is basically useless. And all tuning are lost if used with PC, which is my primary way for me using this neckband. It’s a great product if used within the Sony ecosystem, and hopefully I can unlock its full potential some day.

    • Brooke

      Good morning! Thanks for the awesome comment!

      Oh man! I hope you’re able to return the wireless transmitter? Its such a handy little device!

      Yeah, this product is very specific to Sony and their BRAVIA TV’s .. I have one.. but only by chance! I liked that the TV was an Android TV (my favorite OS) and included google assistant built in! If you don’t have that TV, you cannot tailor your neck band to be the best it can be, which is dissapointing and a bit of a money grab if you ask me!

      That’s a pretty penny to spend on that Neckband, and hopefully as you mention, one day you’ll find the true potential.

      Let me know if I can help access that full potential for you!

      Talk soon!

  • PETE O

    Why did I spend the past decade building a great home theater system and still find myself wanting this? This looks like such an awesome product. I especially like the idea of being able to enjoy full on surround sound at low volume levels. I find that even with certain features applied in my AVR, I still cannot get good surround reproduction at low levels. It just starts to sound off balance.

    This sounds like a great late-night listening option that is more comfortable than headphones. DO WANT!

    • Brooke

      This is a very neat little device that I think is underrated. I completely agree with you, as I have also spent my last 5 years building onto my Sonos system that at regular volumes I absolutely love. However, late night watching, or even early morning when you want those reduced levels, you either cannot hear the vocals, and when turned up cannot control the louder/action scenes. It drives me crazy! You would think in this day and age, we would have discovered a solution for this issue. But perhaps the SRS NS7 is that solution?

      Thanks for the comment! Talk soon!


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