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Sony Glass Sound Speaker – Crystal clear sound, literally… the LSPX-S3

Sony Glass Sound Speaker

The Sony glass sound speaker delivers on an aesthetic feel that many Bluetooth speaker users are looking for today, and that’s beautification of their environment. You don’t want a large chunky device that sits in the corner of a room, you want something to compliment the room.

Sony has gone out of their scope with their glass sound speaker, and surprisingly enough have succeeded on many fronts, minus the outrageous price tag.

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This speaker is made from organic glass, and uses the design of the tube to broadcast a 360′ crystal clear sound, literally!

In my Sony Glass Sound Speaker review, I’ll speak to the specs and design features, as well as some considerations for pros and cons. I also touch on sound quality, and finish with my personal, unbias opinion.

By the end of my review, I hope to have helped you make a buyers decision the right way!

Overview & Specs

sony glass sound speaker

Released in August 2021, this speaker is designed to play two roles. The first role is design, the second is sound.

Features within this speaker are meant to set an environmental mood, serving as a mood setting LED candle with 32 different variations of illumination.

It is designed to be a part of your home decor, as well as a wireless sound system that is extremely portable within your home. For obvious reasons, this isn’t a speaker you would bring outdoors with you, especially since it doesn’t have any IPX ratings. As well, I cannot imagine the glass would fare well in rough environments.

Set it up in your bedroom, and this speaker can be set with its built-in timer to slowly turn the LED light down, as well as the music to lull you to sleep.

Although you can plug it in, this speaker will last up to 8 hours with its battery before needing a charge.  It also features Bluestoon 5.0, so you can connect up to 30 meters away.

The built-in LDAC allows for high resolution audio content to be transferred from Bluetooth device to speaker. It has the ability to transfer at a maximum rate of 990 kbps, which is 3 times more data than conventional Bluetooth audio.

This means that when using this device to play music, you’ll get some really clear, crisp sound, especially when using a subscription based streaming service.

You can connect up to 100 compatible, wireless speakers with Bluetooth technology and the music and lights sync up with the beat. You can also connect two glass sound speakers for stereo pairing.

Connect to the LSPX-S3 via the Sony Music center app and control candle settings, brightness, music and sleep timers. You can also slightly adjust EQ.


The LSPX-S3 has a satin finish, and is built with clear organic glass. It measures 94mm wide, and 289mm tall. It weighs just under 2 1/2 glass sound speaker

This speaker does not have a IPX rating, and was not designed to withstand the elements. I highly suggest not taking it outside or trying to push the limits of its portability. It is extremely portable within your home and that’s about it.

It doesn’t feature a remote, so the app or the controls located along the bottom base are the only ways it can be controlled.

The buttons located directly on the bottom include the Bluetooth stereo pair and the sleep timer. Along the lip of the bottom base, you’ll find plus/minus buttons for volume, hands-free calling, and a power button. Within the middle of those buttons are a USB connection for charging the speaker.


From the bottom of the speaker, three actuators vibrate the organic glass tube and turn the entire surface into a speaker. The speaker features a 46mm speaker and a 1.8” woofer with passive radiator.

The high tones are delivered through the glass, and serve as the tweeters, pushing sound around the room and across long distances. The bass booster can be enabled via the Sony Music Center app.

When you use a streaming service with high quality music, this speaker sounds amazing. It delivers on a beautiful sound as mostly Sony speaker do. As the volume gets higher, and with very bassy songs, you can hear the bass distort a bit.

This speaker isn’t about to shake any roofs down, but for an atmosphere creating sound, it does a great job of delivering. sony glass sound speaker

Cons and Other Considerations

This speaker is a beautiful piece of art, but in regards to functioning as a speaker, it doesn’t deliver 100%.

The price tag of almost $400 is a lot, and unless you’re really going for the home decor route, you may be disappointed with what this speaker can deliver. It’s a Sony speaker, so it definitely checks basic boxes in regards to sound, but won’t fuel a party by any means.

If you’re looking for the best sound, and have a budget of $400, then I know of some other speakers that will fit that criteria, and save you some money. Check them out here!

This would be the second speaker in a line of Glass Cylinder speakers from Sony, and they have made upgrades from the last to appease the speaker lover.

My Verdict: One word summary

All in all, this speaker is a conversation starter, a home decor piece to be admired, and a fun device to show friends when they come over and set the mood. It just so happens to play music, and was made by a highly renowned company.

As mentioned above, if you’re looking for a speaker that can blast music, and you aren’t entirely worried about design, check out my main website page for numerous speakers for the same or less cost.

I hope I helped narrow down some specs and design features of this speaker, and that you feel more confident moving forward in your purchasing decision!

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