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Sonos Turntable Setup – Enhance Your Vinyl Experience

Sonos Turntable Setup

Did you know about the Sonos Turntable Setup? Leave it to Sonos to keep our childhood alive!

Whether it be the nostalgic crackling of the needle in the grooves, or the relaxing feel of slipping out a record and placing it on that flat surface for a pristine and undeniably warm sound quality, it’s obvious, Vinyl is here to stay.

Companies like Sonos continue to impress by improving the playability of vinyl on their signature Sonos speakers, and with their newest release of the Sonos Turntable Setup, you can experience music just like you were a kid, but better.

Over the last 12 years, U.S vinyl sales have continued to grow rapidly and its happening in a similar fashion around the globe.

In this article I’ll review the Sonos Turntable Setup, the specs included in this new system, and some pros and cons relating to a turntable setup.

Join me in reviewing the newest Sonos Turntable Setup!

What Does The Sonos Turntable Setup Include?

It really is best to get the entire Sonos Turntable set, why? Because if you’re purchasing the Sonos Turntable on its own and using third-party speakers you’ll require the Sonos Amp or Port, which at the end of the day add up to the price of another speaker anyway.

The Sonos set, shipping at the beginning of December, includes the T1 SB Phono turntable from Pro-Ject and the Sonos Five speaker. Again, as mentioned above the Five speaker included will allow you to use the Vinyl set without an additional port or amp, saving you money in the long run.

The cable needed to connect (RCA Y-audio cable) your Five speaker and turntable together is included with your turntable. The setup is really easy, with just a connection from the line-in port on the back of your Five speaker to the corresponding colors of the L/R audio outputs on the back of the turntable.

From there its a simple audio source change in your Sonos app to a “line-in” source. The feature “AutoPlay” is available so your Sonos system knows it’s time to switch to vinyl as soon as the needle drops!

At this point you’re ready to play your favorite record on your new Sonos system!

A bonus? You can connect your entire Sonos speaker collection once your Five speaker is connected to the turntable for a whole house listening experience.

sonos turntable setup

What Specs Does The Setup Feature?


The Sonos turntable is unique in itself because it features a phono preamp built in. Without this feature (which most vinyl players do not have) you won’t be able to connect this device to your Sonos system. It’s a good thing it’s included with this device!

A built-in phono preamp takes the natural phono level of a turntable (which is fairly low) and converts the audio output to line level, generating a louder signal in volts to the speaker. This enhances your sound quality and speaker volume.

The turntable is 100 x 415 x 335 mm in H X W X D and weighs about 4kg. The arm length of the table is 218.5 mm.

A few other features of the turntable are:

  • Vibration absorbing feet;
  • Dust cover with adjustable hinges;
  • Hand-made in Europe;
  • 8.6 ” precise one-piece aluminum tonearm with low-friction bearing.

Sonos Five Speaker

The Five speaker is a larger speaker on the Sonos line-up. It is 8.03 x 14.33 x 6.06 in and weighs about 7 kg.

Just like the rest of the Sonos speaker line, it is WIFI connected through your Sonos app and through the same app has adjustable EQ settings including bass, treble and loudness.Sonos PLAY:5 speaker review - The Gadgeteer

Another feature known to the entire Sonos line is Trueplay, a software that dynamically tunes the speaker to the unique acoustics of any room.

Three tweeters, a phased array and three midwoofers push sound around the room creating a wide stereo soundstage.

What I Love About This Setup

The biggest thing to love about this device is the phono preamp capabilities built-in. This takes an old school machine and turns it into the best damn thing this day and age! Without this built-in, you’ll find clutter with the devices needed to ensure you can connect to your Sonos system. Even without a Sonos speaker, the amount of wires and amps needed to connect a regular turntable is headache worthy. This feature takes all the hard work out of the process.

The next best thing about this Sonos Turntable Setup is the look and feel. Coming in much more compact than a regular turntable, these devices together are sure to enhance the aesthetic of any room you place it in, and won’t take up very much room!

What’s To be Desired?

All-in-all, Sonos always delivers a great sound, and their products are always built to last.

The downfall? You pay the price for quality and Sonos, despite the price tag, always delivers. However, not everyone can pay the price for this Sonos quality coming it at just under $1,000 for the set.

My verdict

Well, this one is on my Christmas list.

Everyone remembers how it felt when their parents would turn on the vinyl and the whole house and its atmosphere would change. There’s something about vinyl that makes everyone feel warm and cozy on the inside.

If you’re on a budget, but already have Sonos speakers, I encourage you to purchase the turntable on its own. However, if you’ve saved up some cash and are thinking about getting the entire set, I do encourage it and look forward to your feedback.

Let me know if you have questions or comments below, and if you’re interested in seeing my other review, check them out here!

Until next time!



  • Warren

    Nice.  This is definitely like a blast from a Christmas past.  This turntable looks awesome and with the Sonos speaker system, it probably sounds better than it looks.  My bluetooth turntable is connected to Klipsch speakers, but after going through your article a couple times, I may have to invest in one of these.  Vinyl is Back!   Thanks.  Well done.

    • Brooke

      Warren! I love your comment 🙂

      Thanks so much for taking a look and leaving a comment. I remember my Dad had a huge record collection and I know we have it in storage somewhere. To invest in this turntable and play some of those old records would really make my day.

      Talk soon!


  • Ashley

    I think your Christmas list is going to look very similar to mine after reading your review for this Sonos turntable/s[weaker setup.  

    You’re right, listening to my parents play vinyl records as a kid is a really fond memory I hold dear. and this system sounds like it will give me that nostalgia.  However, with the array of speakers included in the system  I have a feeling it will actually be an enhanced experience.  I can not wait to try this out.  

    Also, it looks so stunning in the pictures.  You say the five-speaker measures in at It is 8.03 x 14.33 x 6.06 in and weighs about 7 kg.  Is there a smaller speaker set up available?  Just in case I can not pull this much money together. 


    • Brooke

      Good Morning Ashley!

      Yeah, I really couldn’t imagine a more perfect experience!

      To answer your question, unfortunately the Five Speaker is the only on the Sonos line with a 3.5 mm jack to plug in the RCA Y-audio cable to connect to the turntable.

      However! I do understand that Sonos isn’t always a brand people want or can spend the money on. So you can use a third-party speaker as long as that speaker has a 3.5 mm jack for line-in connection. This detail should be on the description or packing on a product. 

      From there you can easily connect any speaker. The Five is a great speaker, and once hooked up can connect to all your other Sonos speakers through WIFI. This would be an experience only for Sonos products. 

      I hope I answered your question 🙂 Talk soon!


  • Daniel Tshiyole

    My dad owns a vinyl and is always looking for ways to better his listening experience. I will be sure to share this article with him. I am most certain that he will appreciate this post. Actually, any old head will appreciate this post so thank you for this article.

  • Carol Barnes

    My husband has 100 or more vinyl records from years ago. I bet he would love this system. I think he would listen to his records if he had something like this Sonos System. I will definitely take note of your website and have my husband take a look. Very good review with a lot of important information. Thank you.

    • Brooke

      Hey Carol!

      Definitely an amazing system, with some 21st century add-ons that your husband is sure to love!

      Let me know if I can help answer any questions.

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