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Sonos Sound Bar Setup – The Best Setup for Your Sonos

Sonos Sound Bar Setup

I’ve created this Sonos sound bar setup informational page because I wish I had something similar when I first got my speaker system.

I say this a lot, but I am 100% biased to this because Sonos is my ultimate, hands-down favorite speaker company out there. Having attempted many products from Bose, Sony, JLP and so on, I have always returned to Sonos. Searching the internet, knowing the public would agree.. over the last few years, Sonos has stepped up their game!

Now some of you are probably thinking, “How hard could it be to connect your Sonos system?”. I’ll break the mystery, it’s the easiest process ever .. However, there are many ways to set it up based on your room setup, and what you may be watching or using your Sonos for.

The remarkable thing about Sonos is their app makes many things seamless. From the few cords the actual product needs, to the step-by-step instructions given to you on the Sonos app, there isn’t much wait time from purchase to listening pleasure!

All Sonos devices come in a white finish or black finish to match closely with your room decor.

The Different Speakers


Sonos Sound Bar Setup

The Beam is Sonos’s most recent smaller soundbar. It’s compact in every way, from its sleek and rounded edges to the fact that it only spans 65 cm while still providing the studio quality sounds that Sonos is known for. This product also only weighs in at 2.8 KG.

Being as small as it is, it can fit in tighter spaces around your home and has wall mounting capabilities. On top of the product, you’ll find touch controls for your volume, next track, play/pause, and microphone mute.

Speakers within the bar are strategically placed along the front and edges to push sound around the room, rather than directly at you, like most soundbars.

This device is not merely a soundbar for your TV, but can serve as background music during a party, or even part of a conference call for a group of individuals within a room!


Sonos Sound Bar Setup

The Arc is the Beams’ older brother, coming in at a weight of almost 14 pounds and diameters of 45 x 4.5 x 3.4 inches. This is definitely a step up from the Beam.

Featuring several more audio drivers/speakers and Dolby Atmos, this speaker creates a “multidimensional soundstage”, as mentioned on their website. This speaker is by far the best in its category.

The Arc includes Trueplay optimizing the sound of your program or music to the most dynamic acoustics based on where it is placed, how high or low it is, and the size of the room. The Arc can be considered the chameleon of the speaker world, fitting in and optimizing anywhere you put it!


Sonos Sound Bar Setup

The Sonos One is a multipurpose speaker, but I have used two of them to complete my surround sound experience.

This small speaker is like the move, but is normally used within one space of your home, as it is not wireless like the Move. With humidity resistance, you can place it almost anywhere, including your bookshelf, kitchen or even bathroom!

Create a seamless home experience with the automatic sync between Sonos speakers. Place multiple around your home, such as a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room, and watch as your entire home turns into an experience. As all Sonos speakers are, the One is also voice controlled, so switching your favorite tracks or playlists is simple, whether you’re an Alexia fan or enjoy your Google Assistant.

Specifically for me, I’ve set two Sonos One’s placed behind my couch on stands as part of my surround sound experience. With the Sonos app, connecting the speakers, setting EQ and voice settings is seamless.


Sonos Sound Bar Setup

The Sonos sub is definitely an add-on feature for those anticipating the extra mile with their speakers. However, since getting the sub.. there isn’t anyway I could go back.

The sub is approx 15.3 x 15.8 x 6.2 in and is a hefty little bugger, weighing in at 36 pounds.

Having been built with two force canceling drivers in the center of the sub, this device allows you to boom without the rattle. I’ve had this sub in a condo, a home to ourselves, and a home with tenants under us. Regardless of the situation, we have never had an issue with the sub vibrating through the floor or disturbing anyone else. The best part? We have never had to give up the sensational sound either!

Not only does this sub add a whole other level to your listening experience, its sleek and attractive features make it a sub you won’t want to hide behind your furniture.

The sub is made to work with your other speakers, complimenting what you may not hear from others, and enhancing the sounds you need when it matters.

Ideal For Small Apartments

Having experienced many home situations, I can speak confidently when I say the Beam is an excellent device for any type of condo or apartment living.

Being compact and immersive, the Beam will provide the surround sound you need in a tight place without much more to compliment it.

As I mentioned above, I had my Sub with me while living in a condo, and simply adjusted it to accommodate others living around me, but I didn’t need it!

Something I found came in handy during this time were the features available on the Sonos app. Being able to amplify voices, or set the “nighttime” feature to reduce deep vibrations and enhance smaller tones, helped me keep quiet while enjoying an amazing sound experience.

Ideal for Large Rooms and Home Theater Systems

Having moved into a much larger home, I needed an upgrade and decided to do the full home theater experience.

Having already had the Beam, I upgraded to the Arc. I mounted it on the wall, and found after a few adjustments that about 8 inches below my television was the perfect spot how my couch was positioned and where I would be predominately sitting.

I know some individuals place the bar above their TV. Being a short person, and enjoying my TV relatively high on the wall anyway, I didn’t recognize this as an option.

I created the Home Theater experience by adding the two Sonos One speakers on stands behind me. As mentioned, the Sonos app made it efficient for me to connect everything. As soon as I plugged the speakers in, the app noticed and asked if I wanted to include them in a surround sound experience. The rest was simply following the instructions and setting the distance the speakers were from me.

I already had the sub, and setting that up was easy.

I could select if I wanted the music behind me on the Ones’, or if I wanted the music coming directly at me and the voices behind me. I’ve changed this a few times and may even do it again. Sometimes it depends on what I am watching.

The Best Way To Set Up

So there are a few ways to set up your speaker experience, and I continue to look for new ways to maximize my devices and system.

As mentioned above, I originally set my One’s up behind me, but recently set them to the sides of the couch, and updated the distance they sit from me in the app. I quickly realized behind me was too much, and started to experiment with different sides and angles.

The sub was another device that enhanced the surround sound experience. When I first got it, I placed it behind the couch so that rumble to hit me underneath. I didn’t enjoy this much despite what many people said online. I then switched it to the side of me. I didn’t like this either!

What I found was the best spot for the sub is directly in front of you, and in a corner if you can manage it. This pushed the bass out to me, and I enjoyed the sound a little more.

The bar can also go above or below the TV, and as mentioned, it depends on the size and shape of your room.

How Do You Like Your Sonos Sound Bar Setup?

Although this was a brief description of the many ways you can set up or capitalize on your Sonos listening experience, I hope it had provided a starting point for those seeking to experience some of the best surround sound and home theater listening experiences.

Having tested thoroughly, I enjoy my Sonos system, and look forward to hearing how yours is!

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