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Sonos Portable Speaker Review – Roam and Move 2021

sonos portable speaker review

This Sonos Portable Speaker Review has been created to help you narrow down the best Sonos portable speaker for your busy life! I am a little biased with this review, as Sonos is my favorite brand. However, in our busy lives, finding a quality portable speaker is essential.

Whether you’ve got three kids who never stop moving, friends that you love surrounding yourself with, or simply enjoy finding a quiet spot somewhere and setting a musical atmosphere, the following portable speakers will make these tasks much more enjoyable.

Why Choose Sonos?

If you knew me 5 years ago and asked me what I thought of Sonos, I would have given you an odd look. The dominating speaker giant today wasn’t even on my radar! I hadn’t heard a lot about Sonos, and didn’t know many people raving about their products, so naturally I didn’t give the brand any time of day.

This changed when an old boss of mine talked about his new Playbar that he purchased, and how impressed he was with it. Before he could tell me what it was, I instantly thought, “it must be Bose, as we all know the quality of those speakers” and obviously when it came to high-end speakers, Bose dominated that category. The only downfall? No one could afford Bose. Being one of its kind at the time, Bose didn’t have to be competitive, and everyone knew the quality you received with the price you paid.

You can imagine my surprise when my boss said ” yeah, it’s a Sonos Playbar and it gives the most impressive sound! Second to none!”. That day, I tested every Sonos speaker available on the market.

Little did I know how hooked I would be.

My biggest fetish with Sonos is how easy it is to set up, control and even build out your system. Over the years, I’ve added more to my Sonos system from a beautifully designed Sub, a Sonos One speaker set behind my couch for surround sound, and my portable Sonos Move that connects with the system inside or outside.

While making dinner, having friends over or enjoying a quiet evening no matter where I am, I can have the same music going from the living room, to the bedroom, to the patio without moving a thing. The best part is the Sonos app, and how all my speakers can be controlled through my mobile phone.

Sonos boasts features including:

  • Wi-Fi’s connectivity to stream your music through all your speakers without slowing it down;
  • Boost network extension for larger systems and bigger homes;
  • Feature Bluetooth connectivity when you’re away from your Wi-Fi or home system;
  • Manage your system from any room with the Sonos app. Browse music, radio, podcasts, and audio books, adjust the volume, group speakers to play in sync, set custom alarms, and much more;
  • Group different speakers in different rooms to enjoy two different environments.

At the end of the day, you can build confidence in a brand that has used renowned producers, mixers, and artists, including Rick Rubin, Chris Jenkins, Manny Marroquin, Emily Lazar, Tom Elmhirst, Noah Goldstein, and Nigel Godrich, to provide feedback throughout the development process to ensure quality sound and listening experiences.

What’s the Biggest Difference Between Roam And Move?

Price –

Roam is obviously a much smaller speaker, and naturally its more portable and less expensive than its other half the Move. The Roams selling price is $229 before tax, and is the cheapest Sonos speaker available. The Move is just over double the price, starting at $499 before tax. This can be a huge deal breaker for some.

Sound –

The Roam has its boundaries restricted simply due to its size, only being able to boast so much sound. Move carries a deep, full sound, with a bigger dimension to push out more and broader sounds and tones. Roam, naturally, doesn’t carry as much sound, although it is surprising, impressive for such a small speaker.

Design –

Roam is much smaller, and easily slides into backpacks, purses etc.. It is triangular and measures 17 x 6 x 6 cm in dimensions. The roam is naturally much lighter.

The Move is bigger, measuring at 24 x 16 x 13 cm and has a concave handle integrated into it for easy pick up and go. This device is not as easily “packable”. The Move was built for more room to room experience, and definitely pushes the limits on what is portable. As per its name, this device was intended to move from bedroom, to patio, to garage, and so on.

Both devices have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. They can both stream offline with Bluetooth or with Wi-Fi and the Sonos app. Both of these Sonos speakers have a battery run time of ten hours.

Roam comes with USB chargeable cord, but not a charging base/dock. A charging dock can be purchased as an extra, but as long as you have a USB adapter and a power source, it isn’t needed.

The Move comes with USB charger AND charger dock. While not in use, the Move can be conveniently placed on the dock without attaching any cords for use later in the day. It’s definitely a pick up and go type of device.

Both devices have Google Assistant and Alexa capabilities.

Roam – Top Highlights

    • Much more portable, and can fit in almost any bag;
    • Cheapest Sonos speaker.
    • Automatic switching between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when leaving Wi-Fi.
    • Sonos swap, easily able to swap music from Roam to another Sonos speaker.
    • Auto Trueplay. Automatically adjust sound based on environment.

Move – Top Highlights

        • Better sound quality, carries sound better;
        • Comes with charging dock;
        • Can easily fill a dinner party with clean, full sound;
        • Auto Trueplay.
        • Built in handle on back for easy mobility.

So, Which Portable Speaker Is Your Favorite?

At the end of the day, there are some obvious differences between the top 2 portable Sonos speakers.

If you’re looking for a speaker that carries second to none sound quality and depth, and one you’re hoping to use around the house, the Sonos Move is definitely your winner.

Whereas the Roam is a device you would take to the beach with you, or on a hike in your backpack. Although you won’t pump music across a lake, it will give you the depth you need to chill and relax while boasting your favorite playlist.

I hope my Sonos portable speaker review has helped you narrow down your portable speaker search, and helped you make more informed decisions for your listening pleasure.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to hearing any comments you may have regarding my review today.

Until next time!



  • Abel

    I would like to have a portable speaker. It’s very useful when ones in the basement working. Or even in the garage. I have heard a lot of good things about Sonos. And reading your post, I have decided that Move would be a good option for me. Thank you very much for helping me make up my mind on this.

    • Brooke

      Hey Abel,

      The remarkable thing about Sonos is they offer such a selection of different speakers for everyone’s needs. They are pricey.. but I promise anyone that tries them out won’t be disappointed. The Move is an outstanding product, even if it stretches the term “portable”. It’s portable within your home, and for some that is sufficient. 

      The Roam is a noteworthy product, but being smaller, it doesn’t always offer the right girth in sound that some people may be looking for.

      I always appreciate you taking a look at my article and look forward to hearing from you again!

      Talk soon,


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