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Scosche BoomCan MS -Their Most Portable Speaker!

Scosche BoomCan MS

Scosche announced the newest addition to their portable speaker line-up at the CES 2022 in Las Vegas earlier this month, the Scosche Boomcan MS!

MS stands for Magsafe, an Apple created magnetic technology implemented into iPhone 12’s and higher. Its purpose is to allow magnetic capabilities for charging, and accessories attachments. However, you’ll never have to worry about magnetic interference with other items, as magsafe magnets are specific to only other magsafe technology.

Scosche getting on board with this is cutting edge for them, and sets them up to compete in real time this year with their competitors.

Overview & Specs

The Scosche BoomCan MS will launch this Spring 2022, so there isn’t much real-time testing that can be done. However, we can definitely give the highlights!

As mentioned above, this device is designed with the magsafe technology created by Apple, which is what the “MS” stands for. It’s designed to attach the back of any iPhone 12 or higher, and even serves as a kickstand for leaning your phone up while watching movies or scrolling through social media.

It includes Bluetooth 5.0, generating smooth streaming and connectivity with any Bluetooth device. Having a built-in microphone allows for hands-free calling and smart assistant capabilities.

The BoomCan includes stereo pairing, and when paired with another BoomCan allows the users to create stereo sound between the two.

It is complete dust and water proof, featuring an IPX7 rating. No need to worry about spilled drinks or dusty surroundings, this device is made to handle the elements.

It have roughly 5-hours of playtime, depending on the volume, and charges within an hour and a half. Included with the speaker is the USB charging cable, as well as additional magnetic plates for phones not compatible with magsafe. Don’t worry, you don’t have to own an iPhone to still find use in this product.


Designed just as the name dictates, it’s no larger than your iPhone 12. Once snapped to the back, you’ll find the speaker still leaves roughly 1/2 inch on each side, and does not protrude over the speaker edges. With the device snapped on, you can still firmly hold your phone in a single hand.

The speaker pushes music out from the top speaker, which is covered by a mesh fabric material.


Although this speaker hasn’t hit the market, the company claims it presents “surprisingly rich and powerful sound” from such a small speaker.

It features two passive subwoofers, and two 10w speakers. It has an auto equalizer that adjusts sound within your environment (outside or inside/closed quaters or open space), but besides this there are no apps to connect with and no other EQ buttons known to the public yet.

My Verdict: A small innovation, not yet tested..

Its hard to say if this speaker will be worth-while, as a price hasn’t even been given. However, seeing the progress Scosche has made to stay competitive gives hope that we should see some pretty cool devices from this company in the months to come.

I’ll make sure to update this post as more information comes to light!

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