Scosche BoomBottle Wireless Speaker
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Scosche BoomBottle Wireless Speaker – Magic Mount Anywhere!

Scosche BoomBottle Wireless Speaker

When manufacturing a Bluetooth speaker, companies are always looking for new and creative ways to stand apart, while still maintaining the standard for Bluetooth Speakers. The Scosche BoomBottle Wireless Speaker has managed to add some attractive features that won’t be seen on many other Bluetooth speakers.

Setting themselves apart, specifically with their Magic Mount features, Scosche is known more for their mounting products than their speaker products. However, they have successfully integrated what they are known for best into what consumers are looking for today: sturdy, well-performing Bluetooth speakers.

In my review today, I’ll touch on the overview of the Scosche BoomBottle Wireless Speaker, as well as some specs that are important when purchasing a speaker.

I’ll also mention design and research found on the sound aspect of the Scosche BoomBottle Wireless Speaker.

Hopefully, by the end of the review, I’ll have helped you pinpoint whether this is the right speaker for your needs!

Overview & Specs

Featuring Bluetooth 4.2, and an IP67 rating, giving it complete protection from dust and water, this speaker checks the boxes on some of the most basic features needed in a quality device.

Where Scorsche shines the brightest is their magic mounts. The Scosche BoomBottle Wireless Speaker was designed to mount to virtually any metal surface with the use of the included MM metal plate that is affixed to the bottom of the cylindrical speaker.

Whether you’re in the garage and want to mount it onto a metal beam, or metal countertop, or even if you’re out at the beach and want to stick it to your car hood, or metal cooler, this speaker won’t be moving no matter how much commotion is going on around it. scosche boombottle wireless speaker

Included is another mount for your phone to affix to the top of the speaker. Simply place the small metal plate with the included 3M sticky backing to the inside of your phone case and enjoy freedom from your phone, while it stays firmly in place on the top of the speaker.

Don’t have a metal surface? Plan to keep it in one spot for the majority of its life? A mountable screw hole is available to screw your speaker to the desired surface. Or, simply hook it onto a tree branch, or your belt loop with the included carabiner clip.

Just to add to the uniqueness of this speaker, it also includes a bottle opener for easy bottle action when you’re working hard, or partying hard.

The Scosche BoomBottle Wireless Speaker has a 12 hour battery life, which isn’t the strongest on the market, but will get you through your day. Just make sure to plug it in with the included USB charging cord when you’re finished.

There is no app that goes with this speaker, so unfortunately any additional EQ functions you may desire won’t be available.

The BoomBottle is designed to automatically adjust the EQ from indoor to outdoor settings, and features some relatively decent bass to support an enjoyable listening experience.

It seems this device is only available in Black, and comes with a mic for hands-free calling/answering. It will also allow your phone to utilize your smart assistant.

Looking for bigger sound? This speaker does have the ability to pair with another BoomBottle for stereo pairing abilities.

Although I’ll get to the button setup in the design piece of this review, its neat to know that this device will power down automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity.


scosche boombottle wireless speaker

The design of this device is very classic, with a cylindrical design, longer, with an angled top, and flat bottom.

The speaker grille covers 95% of this speaker, with a soft rubberized spine along the back. The speakers are covered by a mesh material that is sturdy, but difficult to clean with grime gets into it.

It measures 7.2′ x 2.9′ and weighs 1.3 pounds, making it a very light and compact device. The name BoomBottle was given because of its bottle shape, as well as the functional bottle opener located along the top of the spine, under the clip area.

A weather proof rubber flap covers the bottoms, and along the spine, which include a multifunction button (MFB), and a volume +/-. Also included under this flap is a USB charging port for charging your speaker, and an AUX output for plugging your device in when no Bluetooth is available.

When the rubberized cap is closed, you can still use the MFB and the volume buttons by firming pressing the etched symbols on it.

The MFB has numerous roles to play with different clicks, such as powering on/off the device, moving tracks forward and back, pairing, as well as answering and ending phone calls.


scosche boombottle wireless speaker

This speaker includes two 45mm drivers,  2 passive subwoofers, 12w of power, and a frequency range of 80Hz – 18kHz. They have really managed to fit a lot into a small package, however, that doesn’t always mean great sound.

At mid-range levels, the sound that this device creates is clear, crisp, and there’s no distortion. Different songs, from bassy to classical sound decent and deliver on all mids, highs and lows.

As you start to get louder there’s clear distortion with the bass, and you lose some of your clarity within the music. This speaker doesn’t perform well on high volumes, and although will push music a fair distance, won’t give you the crisp sound you’d look for at its price range.

With a small casual gathering, at mid volumes, I think this speaker can really be enjoyed.

Cons and Other Considerations

Some considerations with this speaker are the sound quality, as it doesn’t deliver entirely, although you can tell it’s trying!

Sound is everything with a speaker (obviously) and you want to know that at any level you’re going to get great sound.

What’s most common in the market these days is that you get that great sound in the mid-range volumes, but the second you try and get the full power, you lose a lot of it. Some higher priced speakers will deliver, however, you’re paying the price for them, literally!

A lot of companies are trying to put too much into their speakers as well, which creates this beautiful sound at lower volumes, and more distortion at higher levels.

All in all, from a mounting company, Scosche has delivered a well-rounded portable speaker.

My Verdict: One word summary

What I love about this speaker is the way Scorsche has created 100 different ways for you to affix, hang, or mount your speaker. It really doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing, there’s no way you won’t be able to find a way to mount this speaker to anything or anyone.

This is what Scorsche does best, they mount, and they have done a great job ensuring that that shines in their speakers.

If you’re looking to fuel a get-together with some good music, and want to have a speaker that will mount, hang, or screw to literally anything, this is the speaker for you!

If you’re not so interested in the mounting ability and want a speaker that will produce beautiful sound even at high volumes, there are some other speakers at the same price rang to help you with that. Check them out here!

Until next time!



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