samsung wireless earbuds review
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Samsung Wireless Earbuds Review – Galaxy Buds Pro

Samsung Wireless Earbuds Review

Galaxy Buds Pro

samsung wireless earbuds review

Having already done another Samsung Wireless Earbuds Review for the Galaxy Buds2, I figured it was do-time I get to the other Galaxy buds on the market for comparison.

If you haven’t seen my other review yet, and are considering purchasing the Galaxy Buds2, take a look here!

I have been excited to chat about the Buds Pro as they are seen as the biggest competitor to the Apple AirPod Pros, and have completely set the stage for a professional earbud. From ANC and the buds full functionality with the other Samsung products, this is a bud that no avid Samsung lover should pass up.

In my Samsung Wireless Earbuds Review I am going to do an overview of the Galaxy Buds Pro, a breakdown of the notable specs for this device, and a pros and cons list of what I think are noteworthy aspects. At the end I’ll give my verdict and hope that I’ve helped answer some of your questions.

Join me in my Galaxy Buds Pro review!

Galaxy Buds Pro – $199


Coming in at the most expensive buds on the Galaxy line you’re sure to be impressed with the features this device boasts. Let’s start with the intelligent active noise cancelling technology that Samsung has been sure to hype up.

The buds are UL verified for up to 99% complete noise canceling abilities and have microphones on the inside and outside of each bud that monitor outside noise. They do this for a few reasons, one being that when your voice is detected your ANC feature will flip off to allow you full access to the outside. For example, if you’re walking into a coffee shop with your ANC on and say “Hi” to the barista to start your order, the buds will switch automatically to help you hear everything going on. When done, and the ANC doesn’t hear you speaking for a duration of time, they will switch back.

Premium 2 way speakers provide balanced sound and have a wide frequency response with sound by AKG that has been awarded by the Harman certification for an excellent grade. The buds have a dynamic 360 audio with Dolby head tracking technology creating an immersive music and movie experience.  All of this combines to create an unbelievable sound coming from a tiny package.

The following features are available for those who currently own a Samsung smart phone and plan to use their buds with their Samsung products.

If you have numerous Samsung products like a tablet you can utilize the function called “Auto Switch”. The buds detect which product you’re currently using and as long as the buds are synced to that product previously, it will jump betweensamsung wireless earbuds review whichever you’re using. For example, if you’re watching a movie on your Samsung tablet and suddenly receive a call, the buds will pause what you’re watching and give you options to answer that call on your Samsung smart phone. In addition, you can use the smart assistant Bixby to call, text, check the weather and more completely hands-free.

The buds are compatible with the “SmartThings” app and if registered can help you locate your lost buds through a ping that the buds will give off.

Want to share your music with friends or family who also have the buds? You can connect two sets of buds on one device to share playlists or watch movies together.

The Galaxy Buds Pro come in three colors: timeless black, vibrant violet, and stunning silver. They are all finished with a high gloss that makes these buds catch anyone’s eye.


  • Rated IPX7 water and debris resistance, highest yet for galaxy line.
  • 11mm woofer for bass.
  • 6.5 tweeter with low distortion for clean crisp sound.
  • 5-hour playtime, and up to 13 hours more with charging case.
  • With ANC off you can get upwards of 28 hours playtime.
  • 5 minute quick charge gets you another hour of battery life.
  • Compatible Galaxy Smartphones can also power share. Simply place your case with the buds in on the back of your smartphone for wireless charging.
  • Select from 3 different silicon ear tips for the best ANC experience.
  • Earbud: 19.5 x 20.5 x 20.8 mm, 6.3g
  • Charging Case: 50 x 50.2 x 27.8 mm, 44.9g
  • Air vents help balance pressure in your ear and increase air flow for a natural and comfortable fit.

What To Love

  • IPX7 water and dust resistance is very effective and keeps the user at peace of mind no matter the accident.
  • Most intelligent ANC technology for the Galaxy line-up, UL verified for 99% of noise reduction/elimination.
  • Automatic ANC adjustment when you speak to someone with it on. Noise cancelling automatically turns to ambient when you are ordering a coffee, speaking to someone on the street, etc.
  • Dynamic 360 Dolby audio for outstanding sound.

What To Be Watch Out For

  • Over and above features specifically for Samsung smartphones and devices.
  • Only Bixby Smart Assistant compatible. Doesn’t support Goolge/Siri hand-free assistants.
  • Wouldn’t be a solid product for any Apple users.

My Verdict..

I think it’s clear, if you are a Samsung lover this is, without a doubt, the best product for you. However, if you’re an Apple lover, with an Iphone, this will not be the best device on the market for you.

Samsung has made their Galaxy Buds Pro much more attractive to the regular Samsung user than an Apple user. Although this is great for those Samsung lovers, my Apple Airpod Pros are compatible with any phone, and do not offer special features just for Iphone lovers. This could be a huge disadvantage for Samsung, and I know if I didn’t have Samsung products I would be much less.

All in all, if you’ve got the budget for them these Galaxy Buds Pro could be your next best friend!

I hope this Samsung Wireless Earbuds Review has helped you understand the Galaxy Buds Pro a bit better and will guide you in your purchasing decision!

Let me know if you have any further questions below, until then..


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