new JBL speakers for 2022
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New JBL Speakers for 2022 – Improving on the best and adding some new

New JBL Speakers for 2022

After the digital event from 2021, CES (Consumer Electronic Show) 2022 in Las Vegas brought thousands of people together to view the new tech for the year, and along with that a complete line of new JBL speakers for 2022.

JBL was a prominent figure this year, announcing new, old, and reused items, all while securing 5 innovation awards for 2022. Along with the 4 new portable speakers that I’ll touch on today, JBL also announced 4 new and improved lines of in-ear buds, as well as their new Quantum 900 over-the-ear gaming headset.

Least to say, JBL is looking to have a solid and exciting year that won’t be easily forgotten.

In this article, I’ll touch on the Bluetooth portable speakers JBL announced are either getting a face lift, or are new and exciting to the scene.

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JBL Wind & Wind 3s (Innovation Award Winner)

new JBL speakers for 2022

Taking home the Innovation Award for 2022, the JBL Wind 3 is a device I think we’ve all been waiting for.

It makes sense that you’d want something compact, and VERY portable for mountain biking, motorcycle riding, riding your scooter downtown, or just a lazy bicycle ride in the country.

The Wind 3 and 3s are outfitted with Bluetooth, FM radio, Micro SD, and AUX-in capabilities. As mentioned above, it comes with a handlebar mount to attach to virtually any piece of equipment with handle bars.

It is IP67, so it’s completely water and dust proof, which would be a must for something like this. You can connect it via any of the above mentioned methods, Bluetooth being most popular.

It features a LED display panel, and has 5 hours of playback time. It also has two different EQ modes to set it on, depending on what you’re listening to.

In addition, enjoy hands-free calling when a call comes in and you’re mid-ride.

Launching in June 2022, the Wind 3 retails for $$79.99, and the 3S for $69.99.

JBL Pulse 5

new JBL speakers for 2022

The Pulse 5 will be an upgrade from its predecessor, the Pulse 4, which is currently available to consumers. Similar to the Pulse 4, the 5th version will provide the same 360-degree immersive sound and LED light show, right on board with the party theme for the year.

The improvement? Strictly sound. JBL is naming it JBL Original Pro Sound.

The LED syncs up with the beat of the music and features 12 hours of playtime with an IPX67 rating, making it virtually water and dust proof. Party-goers can select numerous colors and effects to enhance any setting.

The Part Boost features allow you to sync an infinite amount of Party Boost enabled speakers.

Connect with the Pulse 5 through the JBL portable app to control EQ, lights and more. It features Bluetooh 5.3 and will be delivered within JBL’s latest eco-friendly packaging.

Available Summer 2022 for $285 USD.

JBL Boombox 3new JBL speakers for 2022

Designed just as the Boombox 2, this speaker is 2022’s new ghetto blaster! Carry it around, utilize the strap and carry it like a bag, or throw it over your shoulder and transport yourself back to the 1980’s.

The Boombox 3 has upgraded its sound like none other. Featuring a three-way speaker system, racetrack shaped subwoofer, with 2 mid-range drivers and tweeters, you’re going to hear this device no matter how big of a space you’re in. This device is built to hear, including a much deeper bass than the 2nd version.

Don’t worry about power, with 24-hours of playtime, and a built-in power bank for charging your own devices, you’ll never have to worry about the party stopping. It has an IP67 rating, so you also won’t worry about the environment you’ll be bringing it into. It’s completely dust and water proof.

The handle is metal, with bright orange silicon grips for easy carry ability, and as mentioned above, it will include a strap for carrying over your shoulder as well.

It has Bluetooh 5.3 and includes Party Boost to pair with compatible Party boost speakers.

This device will be available Summer 2022 for a whopping $626 USD.

JBL PartyBox Encorenew JBL speakers for 2022

The PartyBox Encore is designed for exactly what the name hints at, creating a party. JBL made it clear with this years roll out that they were determined to help consumers have a fun 2022 whether it be at the beach, a friend’s house, on the back of a tailgate party, or simply just at home with family.

In karaoke style fashion, the ParyBox has a whopping output of 100W with a built-in light show via the LED strips on the side, and the illuminated speaker core. It is included with 1 digital wireless microphone, with additional mics to be purchased separately.

On the top you’ll see a rubber grip handle for easy portability, as well as controls that allow you to control the light shoes, volume, and microphone settings.

This device has a 10 hour battery life and is IPX4, with some resistance to water and dust, but not entirely. You can connect to the PartBox app to allow for further control of the device from a distance. Party Boost, a well-known JBL feature, allows you to connect numerous Party Boost enabled speakers for enhanced stereo sound.

The PartyBox is Bluetooth version 5.1 and features USB and AUX-in inputs.

Available now!

What To Look Forward To..

Overall, JBL was able to secure 5 innovation awards at this years CES 2022 tech show and made the direction clear for their 2022 year: let’s have some fun.

I think it was ideal of them to focus on an exciting year where we can look to spend more time with friends and family and enjoy each others company. 2021 was a rough year and I look forward to these launches from JBL this Summer.

Let me know your thoughts below! Are you excited about these launches? Do you feel there was another speaker JBL should have improved into the 2022 year?

Let us know below!

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