Master and Dynamic MW65 Review
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Master and Dynamic MW65 Review – The Sound of Luxury

Master and Dynamic MW65 Review

Right after I completed the Master and Dynamic MA770, I was asked to do a Master and Dynamic MW65 Review. Being an even more popular Master and Dynamic product, and a little less expensive, I thought “Why Not!”

We mentioned in our last review about how Master and Dynamic came to be; a father and son duo where the son was/is a DJ and the father wanted to create a product perfect for him.

Inspired by the old aviator headphones, the Master and Dyanmic team has put together a stunningly beautiful pair of headphones.

However, I hope you’ve been saving. We all know that the Master and Dynamic brand is not an inexpensive brand, and falls within the category of luxury sound technology.

Within my Master and Dynamic MW65 Review, I’ll speak to how these Bluetooth headphones set themselves apart in design and sound, as well as what I think rock about this device, and what I think could be done better.

At the end of the day, I hope my Master and Dynamic MW65 Review helps narrow down your next favorite purchase!

Master and Dynamic MW65 Overview

This headset was created and released in May of 2019. As mentioned above, they were designed with the old Aviator styled headphones in mind.

The MW65 is best for those who appreciate a classic, stylish look, who don’t want to sacrifice sound or technology. They are extremely comfortable, and have a battery life built to wear for a very long time.

The Master and Dynamic MW65 headphones come in 5 different color matches, all that look absolutely stunning. The color matches that they have are as follows:

  • Gun metal / Black leather;
  • Black metal / Black leather;
  • Silver metal / Brown leather;
  • Silver metal / Grey leather; and,
  • Silver metal / Navy leather (my favorite).

This specific model is the lightest over the ear, noise canceling, wireless headphones that Master and Dynamic has created within their line-up, and is made from some of the most premium materials.

When you purchase this beautiful headset, you get a canvas carrying pouch, a USB-C to USB-C cable, charging cable, a 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable, a flight adapter, and a USB-A adapter.

Design & Specs

The design of this headset is everything, and the sound simply completes it.

Master and Dynamic were able to create such a lightweight headset through anodized aluminum and fine leathers. The ear pads are replaceable and are made from lambskin wrapped memory foam.

The MW65 is not waterproof, and should be handled with care, especially with genuine leathers and aluminum that can dent easily. It won’t be meant for exercising with or outdoor excursions.master and dynamic mw65 review

Carrying a whooping 24 hours of play-time, these headphones are meant to be enjoyed for long periods of time. The bonus? It only takes 2 hours for a full 24 hour charge!

They also have a quick charge feature, which on a 15 minute charge, gives you an unbelievable 12 more hours of playtime.

Both these metrics are incredible, and set these headsets apart from most others on the market today.

It features a microphone on the bottom of the ear pieces that can be used for calling, or to use the built-in Google Assistant features.

This headset measures 165mm x 190mm x 66mm and weighs approx 245 grams.


The MW65 features custom 40mm beryllium drivers that put out a frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz.

They support AptX and SBC codecs, which allows the sound to virtually mimic high resolution audio for clear highs and deep crisp lows.

Besides the high quality codec contributing to improved audio quality, it also helps reduce any leg on Android devices.

The ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) is based on a feed-forward and feed-back hybrid system, and comes in two different modes. You can have it at high, which completely eliminates the sound around you and focuses its frequency on highlighting the music, and drowning out the outside environment.

You also have a low setting, which eliminates unnecessary outside noise, while still allowing voices and noises in front of you to leak through.

You can also simply turn it off, and experience the music as it is. With it being an over the ear style of headset, this will naturally bring in more noise without the ANC.

The microphone also filters out external noises for clear phones calls.

Cons and Other considerations

As always, I am nothing but honest about all my reviews and the devices I am speaking about. I really don’t have a lot of bad to say about the MW65.

It is a beautiful headset, designed for the stylist who uses them for long-periods of time. The only downfall is the price, as you pay not only for the amazing quality and style, but for fantastic sound quality and ANC features.

This headset has it all, and you’ll be paying appropriately for it.

As this is an over the ear type device, the ANC features are only going to work so well. However, for not having a tight seal over your ears, it delivers 90% of what you would expect from say the Airpods in the ear ANC features.

My Verdict: Premium price, for a premium product

Yes, this is an expensive product. However, you get what you pay for with this device, and I know if you invest you’ll be more than happy with what you receive.

It’s such a beautiful pair of headphones, and like most products from Master and Dynamic, a lot of thought was put into the design aspect.

Making open ear headphones with ANC abilities is no easy task, and for how much of a uphill battle Master and Dynamic had, I think they pulled off a pretty good job.

I am a Google fan, so having the Google Assistant built-in, and of course the ability to use other smart assistants if need be was a win for me. I enjoy the ability to use my device hands-free, and my Google Assistant allows me to do that.

Let me know your thoughts below about this Master and Dynamic MW65 Review!

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