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Master and Dynamic MA770 Review – Welcome to Luxury

Master and Dynamic MA770 Review

Welcome to Luxury

Take a look at this Master and Dynamic MA770 review and discover a new world of luxury listening, but don’t let the price tag scare you!

Coming in at an aggressive price, this luxury speaker brand isn’t new to building speakers, headphones and ear buds on the market today. Reserved for only the most passionate sound enthusiasts, this wireless speaker claims to produce a new geometry of sound.

Master and Dynamic have partnered with Sir David Adjaye, who’s a Ghanaian-British architect deemed a “Sir” by Queen Elizabeth II and noted by TIME magazine as one of the top 100 most influential people of the year for his services to architecture. Together, they built a bold and immersive new speaker that accentuates distinctive craftsmanship made with premium materials.

Join me in my Master and Dynamic MA770 review and welcome yourself to a new world of luxury listening.

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Overviewmaster and dynamic ma770 review

Released in April of 2017, this speaker was built to stand apart in the speaker world. It gets more difficult day by day to compete in this industry, but Master and Dynamic have proven to catch the eye of those looking for a statement piece. In their own words, “we believe mastery is a never-ending exploration requiring a dynamic approach”.

The founder, Jonathan Levine, first created the brand for his son who was an emerging DJ/producer. He wanted headphones that both had superior sound and an elevated design. After coming across a pair of WWII aviator headphones, Jonathan got his first idea for a timeless looking pair of headphones. And so became the brand Master and Dynamic in 2014 after first launching a collection of over the ear, on the ear and in the ear headphones. Soon to follow was the MA770 speaker.

This CES Innovation awards honoree speaker can connect either through WiFi or Bluetooth, and is designed of a concrete composite. Like really?! Have you ever heard of a speaker being made from concrete material!? They claim through this composite you’ll receive superior acoustic performance.

When creating this design, Sir David Adjaye felt this speaker wasn’t all about the traditional idea of making boxes, but more a directional form. Both David and M&D wanted to make this speaker a piece of art, while still delivering on amazing sound.


The device was all about the design, perhaps even at a sacrifice of sound? I’ll get to that further down my article.master and dynamic ma770 review

As mentioned above, this speaker is made from a concrete composite measuring 14.5 x 18 x 9.5” and weighing a heavy 36 lbs. It has duel 4” woven long throw woofers, and a single 1.5″ titanium tweeter.

On the front of the speaker, and running along the bottom right hand side are 5 diamond cut, anodized aluminum buttons for controls, such as volume +/-, play/pause and source indications/button.

The front of the speaker is flat, and the speaker slants downward in behind to form an almost triangular shape, while sill allowing an exit for the bass-reflect port.

Inputs along the back allow for a turntable setup, TV or other sources. Included in those other sources are a 3.5mm Auxiliary Analog and TOSLINK Optical Inputs.

The back design was laser etched, and made from anodized aluminum plaque.

This speaker comes with 2 different covers for the front of the device, a metal, magnetic grille, and a cloth cover.


As mentioned above, there are 3 drivers, 2 woofers and a tweeter all collected together in the center of the speaker. It’s amplification is 100W, which for the size of this speaker isn’t a lot.

A really cool feature of this device is its chrome cast ability, a feature I haven’t seen in any other speaker. Via Chrome cast you can connect multiple speakers for a stereo environment, or connect multiple rooms together. Of course this speaker also connects through Wifi, and features streaming services such as Spotify, Tidal, Pandora, Soundcloud, Deezer and more. In addition, you can stay with the good old Bluetooth and connect your phone for music streaming.

Although a heavy device, the sound doesn’t resemble a concrete, 36 lb speaker. The music carries a crisp distinction, and supplies sufficient base to feel it around the room. As the volumes get higher you start to realize the lack of potential from the 100 watt Class D amplification, as the sound begins to have minor distortion.

Cons and Other Considerations

This speaker carries a blow worthy price tag of $1,200. It competes within its own world with this price, and although much of the design, speakers included, were constructed in the USA and by the makers themselves, I am not sure we can justify its price.

With only 100w amplification, this speaker has a cap to its capabilities, and for its cost, you’d hope it wouldn’t. With a big more power, I think this speaker would really deliver. In addition, I’d like to see maybe another woofer and one more tweeter, although I know the design wouldn’t accommodate it with such a slim back.

My Verdict: A beautiful speaker, with a steep price, that fails to deliver..

Are there other speakers that would compete with this device? Sure. Do they beat this device in price? Absolutely.

This is a beautiful piece of art work, and for an enthusiast of that type of interest and an uncapped budget would fall deeply in love. For the music enthusiast looking to spend the money on big sound probably wouldn’t find this speaker to meet their needs.

I hope you enjoyed this Master and Dynamic MA770 Review and I look forward to your comments below!

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  • Bernard Breytenbach

    I always want the best speakers in my house. No matter if it is for watching movies or series. Or even just to host a party at my place. I like the design of the master and dynamic ma770 speakers. But the price, damn! It is expensive. I noticed sometimes if you want a good item you always have to pay more. Do you have recommendations for users that do not have money to spend on expensive speakers?

    • Brooke

      Good Morning!

      Yeah this speaker carries a very aggressive price tag. This is mostly due to the development that goes into this speaker. If you take a look at the top Bluetooth speakers for 2021 that I made a review on I know you’ll find some really good speakers to suit your needs.

      Thanks for the comment!


  • richardgb

    Thank you for this revealing review of the MA770. As a musician and sound engineer, I like great quality sound and don’t care so much about the way a speaker looks. It seems that the developers have put a lot of thought into looks and less into sound delivery. At that price I’d expect great sound as well.

    • Brooke

      Yeah its a big bill to pay, I think they have a little bit more room for improvement before they capture a large audience!

      Thanks for your comment!

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