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Marshall Stanmore – The Second Generation Review

The Marshall Stanmore is one of three Bluetooth speakers on the Marshall line-up. This particular review is focused on the second generation Marshall Stanmore, featuring an upgraded 5.0 Bluetooth, and a Marshall’s Bluetooth app for control and customization over your music needs.

When you think of the Marshalls brand, you feel the bass in your feet while you’re head banging to a rock n’ roll band in the ’80’s. With as much nostalgia as this brand gives you, there’s no way to deny, it is iconic all on its own.

Coming into the 21st century, it only made sense that Marshall’s created a portable speaker for the ’80’s rocker to enjoy at home. The good news is they haven’t skimped on the design, and bring back the same look and style as their old speakers and amps.

Marshall has indicated that this speaker is “one of its most versatile speakers on its lineup and perfect for any sized room”.

Keep reading below for my Marshall Stanmore review!

Name: Marshall Stanmore
Manufacturer: Marshall

User Friendly: 9/10
Sound Quality:

Overall Rank: 7.8/10


This speaker is iconic as they come, and if you’re someone who really fell in love with the Marshall brand way back when, then this will definitely be the speaker for you. This is a midsize, front firing speaker meant to be placed in a medium sized room close to a wall for better sound direction.

If you’re looking to go bigger or smaller, Marshall does have the smaller Acton and the much larger Woburn. It will depend on which music needs you are trying to fulfill.

The Marshall Stanmore is about the same size as the average portable speaker out today, and boasts some pretty intense sound quality. It also, unfortunately, comes with some downfalls that do not make this speaker as portable as one would like.

This device comes in Black, White or Tan(Brown). It boasts almost 4000 review on amazon, giving it a 4.7/5 rating.

If you’re looking for loud, then you’ve found the right brand. However, you’ll be paying for that sound quality, and for the brand name.

How To Use It

Compared to many of the speakers on the market today, the Marshall Stanmore is one of the more simplistic versions out there.

It comes with several ways to connect your music, including Bluetooth 5.0, RCA, or 3.5 mm input for analog listening. When using

marshall stanmore

Bluetooth, connecting to the Marshall’s Bluetooth app will help you connect faster and give you access to music controls and EQ


This speaker also allows multi-host functionality, allowing you to easily switch between one Bluetooth device or another.

Along the top of the device is a sunken (but wide) slot covered in brass. It contains several controls, such as volume, treble and bass. These controls are in the form of knobs, yet again tying in the iconic nature of these speakers.

The other controls are the power toggle, play/pause button, and source button with LED indicating lights and the aux connection.

On the back panel is a power plug-in, the RCA connections, and the ability to place this device in standby mode and power saving mode.

Overall, this speaker is very simple to use.


I’ve mentioned it a few times, but this second generation Mashall Stanmore comes with:

  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Adjustable EQ controls through app and analogue on device
  • Stereo not mono
  • 100 – 240 V power input
  • Power obtained through plug-in, not wireless
  • 3.5 mm input
  • RCA connections
  • Aux port


The biggest win for this device is the design. As simple as it is, I find it absolutely stunning and would almost purchase it for that reason alone.

The Marshall Stanmore features textured vinyl coverings, salt and pepper cloth speaker grille, and brass accents that highlight some neat features. Across the speaker grille is the Marshall logo in its classic scrawl, and below that a brass plate indicating the Marshall establishment date of 1962.

All of this covers a quality wooden frame, modeling ten pounds worth of history!

This device measures 13.78 x 7.68 x 7.28 in and weighs, as mentioned above, ten pounds. It’s fairly heavy for a Bluetooth speaker, however, it’s also not designed to be as portable as one could hope.

On the bottom you can find four rubberized feet to stabilize the device and ensure it doesn’t vibrate through the table.

Sound Quality

The sound from this device is exactly what you could have imagined, very loud and perfect for any type of Rock n Roll music!

The speaker features one 50 watt class D amplifier for the woofer, and two 15 watt class D amplifiers for the tweeters making this device suitable for very loud music.

marshall stanmore

It has a dynamic driver, and achieves a frequency range from 50 to 20,000 Hz.

When challenged with low frequencies to mid range frequency at high volume levels, the Marshall Stanmore is very impressive and exactly what you would expect out of a regular Marshall stand up speaker.

The sound carries that hollow feel that you would expect from its wooden frame, but boasts a lot of bass within such a tiny space.

As the music is changed to a higher frequency, the music doesn’t distort. However, some of the instrumentals are lost within the music. The treble remains strong, despite that, and doesn’t “ruin” any one song because of it.

Pros and Cons

I can appreciate a lot about this device.

What sticks out most for me is the iconic sound quality. You can turn this device right up to max, and it holds itself well without distortion. This is a hard feature to find, and something you would only find in a device made by true speaker entrepreneurs.

There’s no doubt in my mind that this speaker carries a quality you simply cannot find elsewhere.

Now, there’s a few downfalls to this speaker I would like to mention as well.

If you’re looking for portable, look elsewhere. This device connects to a plug-in for power, doesn’t feature a handle or strap, and weighs ten pounds. Unfortunately, you’re not taking it to the beach anytime soon.

With this being said, it is also not IP rated, and will not stand u against any type of impact, dust or water that comes its way.

Lastly, and I mentioned it a little bit up top, this device is expensive comparable with the market. But you’re paying for the brands, quality build, and quality sound.

Similar speakers, such as the Ultimate Ears Mega Boom, will be a fraction of the price with a similar punch in its sound quality.

My Verdict

Overal I have a huge appreciation for the reputation Marshall speakers carry. I believe it is money weel spent regardless of how you look at it.

This speaker will impress on all levels. However, it’s simply not portable.

If you’re looking for a stand alone room speaker that stays in one spot for the majority of its life and have the budget available to go for a high quality product, then the Marshall Stanmore is the speaker for you.

Check it out here!

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