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LG XBoom 360 Review – Unique, yet impressive!

LG XBoom 360 Review

Catching most consumers’ eyes at the end of 2021, my LG XBoom 360 review will explain why this speaker is turning heads.

You’d think the conical shape would raise eyebrows, or maybe the interesting light placed delicately above the woofer like some kind of alien teleport. Surprisingly enough, this speaker performs extremely well.

It’s a heavy speaker, with some interesting design features, and although its weight would say otherwise, has been placed into the portable speaker category.

For a hefty 300 bucks, you could be the proud owner of a LG XBoom 360, but is it worth the cost? And will it support your portable speaker needs?

Join me in my LG XBoom 360 review, where I’ll explain the reasons behind the design, the cost, and why you should buy this speaker today!

Overview & Specslg xboom 360 review

As mentioned above, this speaker was released towards the end of 2021 as a portable speaker from LG. It features LG’s patented omnidirectional sound, meaning you don’t need to find one spot in the room to hear your music clearly.

The omnidirectional sound pushes music evenly around the room in a 360-degree fashion, reaching everyone and anyone within a reasonable distance from the speaker. This makes the XBoom 360 perfect for parties and get-togethers where everyone is all over the room.

Built like a lighthouse, not only will your guests hear the music, they will be consumed by the light show and build of this device. It comes in two different colors, peacock green and burgundy, and features Bluetooth 4.0 for music streaming.

If you want to plug it in via an AUX cable, a flap on the lower base of the device allows you to do that. Within that flap, you’ll also find inputs for USB-A, a reset button, and a twin button for wireless party link. This allows you to connect two XBoom speakers for simultaneous playback and stereo sound.

A companion app called the LG XBoom app allows you to control functions on this device, including EQ options, light options (which presents you with the entire spectrum of colors), DJ options (scratch sounds, drum beats, etc) and specific genre presets as well.

The Bluetooth multi-point allows you to connect two smartphones to the speaker at once, giving you and a friend the DJ responsibilities.

The LG XBoom has a whopping 5-hour battery charge time, however, it lasts up to 10 hours within a reasonable volume. Lights and volume will affect the length of battery life you can get.

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A big downfall, and what makes me surprised that they consider it a portable speaker, is there are no IPX ratings. This speaker is not water or dust resistant, and great care should be taken when moving it outside or into any type of element.


The design of the LG XBoom speaker is very unique, and is what draws a lot of consumers in out of curiosity. Looking first glance, it almost doesn’t even look like a speaker. It can be considered a decorative piece of your living room or bedroom.

The speaker is very heavy, weighing 12.8lbs and measuring 51.3 cm tall. As mentioned above, you get a cone or lighthouse shape feel from it.

The entire body is covered in a fabric mesh that is soft to the touch, with a metal handle at the top for picking up and moving. It has a low center of gravity, and isn’t easily tipped over.

The triangled shaped light sits directly above the woofer facing downwards. Open to a 360-degree few, just as the sound pushes omnidirectional, so does the light. This creates a secondary purpose for this speaker, as a soft lamp or ambiance setting device.

99% of the playback buttons are on the top of this speaker. They are very clear to read, but are flush with each other, so trying to find the controls in the dark would be difficult. Part of these buttons is also the ability to change the lighting without the app, and several LED lights indicating Bluetooth, AUX, and USB connections.

At the bottom of the device is a flap that opens to reveal the charging port, USB connections, and a twin button feature to connect two devices together.

As mentioned, this speaker does not have element resistance, so be careful when taking it outside.


This is where the LG XBoom really shines. The sound performance from this speaker is top quality, and you won’t be disappointed. This is where your money goes into this device.

This device gets very loud, which is great for big parties or get-togethers, it does not distort at loud volumes, and with the omnidirectional sound, everyone in the room can hear it no matter where you place it.

It features a 1-inch titanium tweeter, and a 5.25-inch glass fiber woofer. It can deliver multiple frequency ranges, all with relative loudness.

It has 120w of total output, however, at lower volumes you’ll hear the bass cut out. Most speakers have a equalization that helps with low-level volume playback. Unfortunately, this is the one downfall to the sound of this speaker.

Otherwise, I think you’ll be very happy with the quality of sound.

Cons and Other Considerations

What I Love

The sound coming out of this device is magnificent, and won’t go unnoticed. Coming with a lot of barriers that prevent this speaker from being an effective portable speaker, I expected the sound quality to be decent, but I think it’s beyondlg xboom 360 review that.

You won’t be disappointed with the sound this speaker delivers.

The design is beautiful, and can definitely be considered a addition to any rooms decorative features. It catches eyes easily, and looks flawless.

Most speakers that come with lights are built to be cheesy party-style lights. The lights on the LG XBoom are not just a party lights, but can be a soft hue for bedtime or in your livingroom when reading a book. The lights are suitable for almost any occasion. And, if you do want cheesy party lights, you can also have that!

What I Think Could Be Better

The 5 hour charge time is a long time comparable with competitors that have relative battery life. This would especially be a nuisance if you were mid-party and forgot to charge it. It would have to be moved to an electrical receptacle to charge, potentially moving it out of sight and distance of listening.

This speaker is delicate to the elements, as it does not have water or dust resistance. For the price, I’d just keep it fsr away from any potential harm. This limits the portability of the speaker.

This speaker is heavy, and I don’t mean just a little bit, I mean almost 13 pounds of heavy! You’ll want to set it and forget it when using it.

The no mic for smart assistant capabilities or hands-free calling really makes no difference for me. However, some people really like those features and unfortunately this device doesnt come with that.

My Verdict: Unique AND Impressive

This speaker really delivers on 99% of what someone could want out of their portable speaker. The sound is great, the design is cool, and the features fit any scenario or event you may want to use it for.

If this speaker is within your budget, and you don’t plan on bringing it outside, or on adventures with you, this could very well be the best speaker you have ever owned!

If it’s not, or it’s out of your budget, take a look at some of my other reviews. You’ll be sure to find something to fit your fasncy!

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