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LG Ultragear Review – GP9 Gaming Speaker

LG Ultragear Review

lg ultragear review

This LG Ultragear Review is much-needed with the new release of the GP9 Gaming speaker. Gone are the ways of the bulky gaming headset, and in are the ways of built-in microphones, custom gaming experiences and immersive sounds to create any gaming environment you desire.

When most of us talk about LG we usually refer to our dishwasher, TV or even our laundry machine. However, LG has surprised us all by elevating their game in the speaker industry.

The new LG Ultragear GP9 is their first to market gaming soundbar! However, the Ultragear line has some established devices, like their gaming monitors built specifically around the aesthetics of this game bar.

Join me in this LG Ultragear review, while I cover the product overview, specs, what you should love or dislike about this product, and most importantly, where you can get it if this gaming speaker matches your next best purchase!

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Overview Of The Ultragear GP9

The Ultragear GP9 is a wireless Bluetooth sound bar created to enhance your gaming and movie watching experience.

It features high resolution audio to create a lifelike feel with your games. LG’s proprietary technology creates a 3D surround sound that will customize to whichever game you’re playing, and there is no need for those bulky headsets.

Buttons on the top feature things like FPS (first person shooter) or RTS (real-time strategy) sound capabilities helping you hear attacks from left and right, leaving no opportunity for enemies to sneak up on you! The FPS enhances the in-game experience, helping you hear the finer details, while the RTS enhances the sound field for more immersive sound while playing games including racing, RPG, E-games etc.

The EQ button along the top is controllable through the Xboom app, which allows full control of all aspects of your game. You can customize it to the specific game you’re playing, set it the way you would like, or select a predetermined EQ setting already provided.

A headset/speaker versatility button allows you to decide how you’d like to play your game, whether it’s with a headset or the soundbar. Regardless, you can trust the soundbar will give you clear voice chat without a headset. It features surround voice cancelling and echo cancelling (in-game cancelling) abilities, so you’ll be heard no matter how intense your game gets.

Last but not least, 16.7 million customizable RGB lighting colors bring the whole gaming experience together, allowing for a real-life gaming simulation.


As mentioned, this is a wireless Bluetooth soundbar, so the battery life is one of the most important features on this device. The overviews on this soundbar display ti as a 6-hour battery life, but when you research deeper, it shows a 5-hour life. It takes about 3.5 hours to get a full charge with a lithium-ion battery.

Being a gamer myself, I know this isn’t a lot and leaves a bit to be desired. Here’s some other important specs:

  • Hi-Fi Quad DAC ESS9038 Pro;
  • Hi-res audio;
  • Output power of 20W;
  • Features several inputs, like optical in, AUX out, USB (PC) in, and Bluetooth connectivity;
  • Speaker sound modes including FPS, RTS, standard, EQ cinema, EQ sound boost, and EQ custom.

Over and Above

Some convenient features added to the bar are:

  • Battery indicator;
  • Customizable LED lighting;
  • Bluetooth app to pair and control;
  • Bulit-in mic;
  • Speaker phone, and;
  • Smart assistant capabilities (Google assistant/Alexa.

Dimensions and Weight

The Ultragear speaker rounds out at a fairly compact size of 14.8″ x 3.3″ x 4.2″ and comes in very light at just under 3.5 pounds.

The packaging size isn’t much bigger than above, adding a few inches on each side and a couple pounds extra.

To Love, Or Not To Love

Alright, now to the real goods on this soundbar and whether its worth your time.

To Love!

LG continues to surprise be, and I will give it to them and the depth they have competed in the speaker industry. This soundbar is pretty cool.

The features that set this bar apart from any others:

  • LED lights that are customizable to each gaming experience;
  • Wireless, battery charged;
  • Voice chat gaming speaker; every soundbar has a built-in mic, but not one specific for gaming voice chat;
  • FTS and RTS sound customization.

However, not every device can truly have it all.. so there always will be something to be desired…

What Not To Love..

The biggest drawback for this speaker is the battery life. In fact, it’s pretty pathetic.

If I am going to have my soundbar at my computer anyway, I’ll probably just plug it in and be done with the worry of whether the device might shut down mid game. Or, the worry of having to charge it before gaming. Seems like a lot of stress for something sitting beside an outlet anyway.

The wireless feature seems moot.

Secondly, as much as I give LG props for standing their ground and innovating in this industry, at the end of the day LG speakers just feel cheap. The material on this bar feels lightweight, but not desirably so.

Lastly, this product rolls in at a whopping $500 bucks! Whoa.. seems like a significant amount of money for 6 hours of battery life. However, the enhancement to your gaming experience may be worth it?

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My Final Thoughts

Well, I am not sure I am bought. Not for $500 bucks!

I think this Ultragear soundbar is pretty neat in many ways, and I think LG has shifted the playing field for future gaming soundbars. However, I also feel LG left a little bit to be desired with this gaming soundbar, and I am not convinced I am ready to buy.

I look forward to seeing what else LG comes up with to stay relevant and competitive in the market. I look forward to many more reviews on their products.

Thanks for reading my LG Ultragear Review, and let me know if you have any questions or comments below!

Talk soon,



  • Norman

    Hello and thanks so much for sharing this device with me. I am all for the upgrades especially when watching a good movie. This device seems to be a great investment that will make your experience a great one whether watching TV or playing games. Again thanks so much for a post that is so helpful to so many of us.

    • Brooke

      Hey Norman!

      I appreciate you taking a read and I am glad you found some useful information. It’s so interesting to see LG expanding further into the audio world. They are definitely ones to watch as more technology is released. 

      Being such an affordable brand, and on top of that, a household name for a lot of families around the world, there’s no doubt in my mind that they will win over much of their competition. 

      LG has been known as such a budget friendly brand, that didn’t produce the most quality tech. However, my LG Ultragear Review really shows that they are trying to branch away from that identity. 

      Now, they just have to make it a tad more affordable and I’ll be all over it!

      Talk soon Norman 🙂

  • Daniel Tshiyole

    The gaming speaker caught my attention. I am big on gaming so anything that will improve my gaming experience, I am all for it. How loud is it? And how long does the battery last? I will be sure to share this article with friends and family. I am sure that they will appreciate this post. Thank you for this

    • Brooke

      Hey Daniel,

      This seems to be a very popular gaming speaker as well!

      The battery lasts up to 5 hours, obviously depending on the volume and how loud you ahve it at. Statisitcally speaker battery runs out faster when played at top volume for lengths of time. 

      The speaker has a power output of about 20 watts, which is impressive for a small speaker like this. It matches and is competitive with high-end portable speaker power levels and will appropriately fill any computer room with emmersive sound.

      Thanks for reading my aerticle! I lok forward to chatting with you soon.

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