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JBL Go Speaker Review – The Go2

JBL Go Speaker Review

I decided to do this JBL Go Speaker Review because Christmas is getting close, and the Go2 is the perfect price for anyone looking to get a small speaker in their stockings this year.

Fully water and dust proof, as well as one of the smallest Bluetooth speakers on the JBL Go line-up, the Go2 is sure to impress the consumer looking for a small compact speaker that delivers on decent sound.

Although a great price, are you getting your full value from this little speaker? Or are there better, more powerful speakers out there that may be worth the extra cost.

Check out my JBL Go Speaker Review, where I’ll speak to an overview of the Go2, some design and spec information, as well as what I feel is valuable or could be better about this device.

Lets get to it!


The JBL Go2 was released in spring of 2018 to replace the original Go. The original Go was designed to be a ridged small box, capable of fitting into a pocket, purse, laptop bag or backpack. Its main purpose? To “go” anywhere with you and still deliver a quality sound.

Portability was the name of the game.

With the Go2 this is still the case. However, consumers were bagging for better sound, and better durability. This is exactly what they got with the Go2, being IPX7 rated and giving a slicker look and feel to the device by rounding out the edges.

The Go2 has a 4.7 out of 5 star rating with over 22 thousand reviews. It is well tested, and has proven to be a good little speaker that suits a solid purpose for consumers.

It also features a microphone, which allows for noise-cancelling phone calls or access to your favorite voice assistant.

Taking a leap in creativity, the Go2 comes in 12 different colors and is sure to feature a color you can love.

Although it is designed to take anywhere, it’s clear from its size that the Go2 has limits. The design purpose may have been for portability, however, this speaker can only push the music so far.

It won’t carry the energy at a pool party, and is better for intimate occasions, like perhaps a small bonfire or some quiet gardening in the yard.

Connect with the JBL Connect app to set the multi-function button, as well as control EQ functions.

All in all, this device is priced well, and will deliver on a decent sound for someone looking for an intimate speaker. This would be a great first speaker for someone, and an even better stocking stuffer!

Design & Specs

This little device measures 71.2 x 86 x 31.6 mm and weighs a mere 184 grams.

The 12 colors it comes in are:

  • Black;
  • Blue;
  • Champagne;
  • Cinnamon;
  • Orange;
  • Navy;
  • Mint;
  • Green;
  • Grey;
  • Red;
  • Cyan; and,
  • Yellow.

Along the top of the speaker are several operating buttons, such as the volume controls, play/pause functions, a dedicated Bluetoth pairing button, and a multi-function button.

It has Bluetooth 4.1, which won’t carry you very far from your speaker. However, with the speakers size, you won’t want to get very far anyway, as it can only carry music so far for its size.

Under the rubber cap on its side is the 3.5mm audio input and micro-USB charging port. You’ll also find the microphone just outside of here. Because it’s next to the rubber cap, you’ll really need to speak up if you want to be heard by a phone call or smart assistant.

This device takes about 2.5 hours of charge time, and can play at about 50% volume for up to 5 hours. Anything louder and you’ll start to see the battery life drain faster.

JBL Go Speaker ReviewThe design is much more rounded, and although IPX7 rated speakers usually feature a mesh grille along the front, the Go2 speaker is rubber. This gives it a bit more protection and is very easy to clean if it gets dirty.


This speaker only has about 3 watts of power, and pushes the sound from a single source on the front of the speaker. There is no back grille for passive bass radiators, and you’ll only feel the sound from the front of the speaker.

You can place it on its back and try and push the sound around the room. However, this speaker wasn’t created for that, and this will only distort the sound.

If you’re looking for 360′ sound, you’ll be better suited with a different speaker.

More: Check out some of our other reviews for similar speakers with 360′ sounds!

Although the mid-range sound is beautiful coming out of such a small speaker, the bass is virtually non-existent. As per physics, the larger the speaker, the more room there is to place better drivers and more air can move through. This will create better and clearer sounds, something you’ll struggle to find the smaller the speaker is.

Smaller speakers only have so much room, and sometimes a sacrifice has to be made to accommodate the speaker size.

I don’t suggest defaulting to max volume on this speaker. Not only will it kill the battery faster, which you already don’t have enough of, but the bass becomes even less evident as the volume gets higher.

Cons and Other Considerations

This speaker is small, and will perform just like a small speaker. You won’t be able to host an event with this speaker, or provide ample sound for a party. The bass is minimal, and the speaker phone capabilities are weak.

It only has a front facing speaker, and will be best enjoyed if you’re directly in front of it. Don’t go too far with it, as the 5 or less hours of battery life won’t get you very far for long.

However, with that being said, this is a solid speaker if used in the right setting.

This speaker has a very reasonable price tag. Coming in at under $50, it won’t break the bank.

For its size, this speaker delivers 100% within its capabilities. At 50% volume, within an intimate setting, you’ll enjoy the sound you get from this speaker.

Don’t worry about dropping it or getting it wet. The Go2 is built to last and can fit virtually anywhere on your person. Although, it doesn’t have a “clip” or attachment piece.

My Verdict: A small speaker, with a budget friendly price tag!

Thanks for reading my JBL Go Speaker Review! I hope I helped answer some of your questions!

This small speaker is great for its size and price. If you trust the over 22 thousand reviews it has on Amazon, you’ll be sure to make the right decision.

This is a great speaker for a young person who likes to play music in their room, someone who enjoys some light music while gardening, or perhaps you want a pocket-sized speaker to take hiking or camping for some mood setting.

The Go2 can fit any one of these situations, and I know you’ll be happy with its durability and portability.

Let me know your thoughts below!

Until next time,


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