how to connect a bluetooth device to alexa
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How to Connect a Bluetooth Speaker to Alexa – 6 Easy Steps!

How to Connect a Bluetooth Speaker to Alexa

Alright folks, “How to connect a Bluetooth Speaker to Alexa” has been a guide everyone is asking for right now! And it’s such a simple process that it would be a shame to the world if I didn’t create this step-by-step guide for “How to connect a Bluetooth speaker to Alexa”.

If you don’t know about “Alexa”, or perhaps you’re unfamiliar with the device, it’s a virtual smart assistant technically called the Amazon Alexa.  It is controlled by voice commands to access your music, your smart home, and your calendar. She/it will help you keep organized and can set timers, call contacts, or read you the news. As you’re thinking.. she’s just like a real assistant. The most common Alexa device is called the Echo, and there are several versions, both with and without HD screens.

Amazon sells Alexa products here, and has the same step-by-step guide here. Perhaps the more we spam the internet, the easier it will be for everyone to find the help they need! The sooner the problem is solved, the faster we can start enjoying our devices.

Do You Have The App?

In order to manage your Alexa device, you’ll have to download the Amazon Alexa App. Most of you may have already done this, but in case you haven’t I’ve attached the links below for both Android and IOS. how to connect a bluetooth speaker to alexa

Android download here.

IOS download here.

Once you’ve downloaded the app you can add your Alexa device to the app.

Have you added your device to the Amazon Alexa App?

Now that the app is downloaded, you’ll want to open it up and sign in using your amazon account. If you don’t have one, there will be an option to sign up for one for free. Then you can follow the step by step instructions for accessing contacts, location, notifications etc.

When you’re done, you’ll land on the home page that looks like this:

how to connect a bluetooth speaker to alexa

When you’re here, you’ll see 5 different category’s at the bottom of the screen. You want to find the one that says “Devices” and click it. It will bring you to another page that has a “+” icon in the top right hand corner.

Click this + to add your device. It will give you options to search for numerous different smart devices you can add, however, you’ll want to click the first device “Amazon Echo”. Under “Smart Speakers” you’ll want to select “Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus and more”.

The following setup page will ask if your Echo is plugged in and displaying an orange ring.

how to connect a bluetooth speaker to alexa

Click yes and the app will attempt to locate the device. From here, your device is officially added to the app!

The Last Few Steps

It becomes very straight forward from here now that your device is added.

1. Under the Devices tap again, you’ll want to select “Echo & Alexa”:

how to connect a bluetooth speaker to alexa

2. Select your newly added device from the list.

3. Select “Bluetooth Devices” and then “Pair a new device”.

You’re Done!

See!? Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

From here, certain Bluetooth devices will stay as a known device in your app and your Alexa device. Next time you go to pair your devices, just simply turn on the Bluetooth function of your device (most speakers have Bluetooth on automatically) and tell Alex to “Pair Bluetooth”.

I hope I helped you connect your devices faster and easier, and I look forward to any comments or questions you may have below!

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