Bose Soundlink Revolve 2 Review
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Bose Soundlink Revolve 2 Review – 360-degrees of portable

Bose Soundlink Revolve 2 Review

This Bose Soundlink Revolve 2 Review falls in line with a lot of reviews I have been doing these days. Companies are taking their best selling product and upgrading them with newer features, longer battery lives, and better durability. The Revolve 2 is not an exception to that.

Released in 2017, the original Revolve was a popular speaker entering a booming portable speaker market. Earlier this year, Bose decided to upgrade some of their popular lines, including their Bose Soundlink Revolve. They created the Revolve 2, and the Revolve 2 +.

The difference between the two? One has a handle and slightly longer battery life.

Because of the minimal difference, I decided to focus my Bose Soundlink Revolve 2 Review on the regular Revolve 2.

Within my review, I’ll speak to the Revolve’s overview and important specs. Design and sound is paramount with portable speakers, so I’ll be sure to touch on that as well.

From there, I’ll mention some wins and potential losses with the new Revolve 2, and my final verdict.

Join me in my Bose Soundlink Revolve 2 Review!!

Overview & Specs

The cylindrical design seems to be something speaker companies gravitate to. I think it’s because of the ability to deliver on a 360-degree sound profile.

Have you ever been in a situation where you want all your guests to hear the music, but unless you position it perfectly, and never move, you just can’t seem to find that sweet spot? These 360-degree speakers do that no matter where you place it.

Priced at $219 on Amazon, with a 4.6/5 star rating from over 1,300 ratings, the Revolve measures up with most Bose speakers. bose soundlink revolve 2 review

It comes in Black and Silver and features Bluetooth 4.1, allowing you to connect up to 30 feet away. Not the best of the best, but gets the job done.

It has a battery life of 13 hours on a 4 hour charge. However, this will change with higher volumes for longer durations.

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When you think of portability, you don’t always think size, but also what a speaker can physically handle. Although the Revolve 2 doesn’t feature the strongest IPX rating, it does feature IP55, which means it is dust and water resistant. Just try not to drop it in a lake or pool, okay?

This device also features a microphone, so hands-free calling and smart assistant capabilities are available for hands-free use. The mic is positioned on the top of the speaker, facing what would be considered the “front” of the speaker.

Ther Revolve connects with the Bose Connect app to manage multi-connect, which allows two different Bluetooth devices to control music simultaneously. It also allows you to control Party mode and Stereo mode when connected to other Soundlink speakers.

The downside? This Bose app doesn’t create additional options for EQ, so you won’t be able to adjust your music how you’d like it.

An NFC chip is on the top of the device for easy pairing, and voice prompts will help you pair your devices easily and efficiently.


As mentioned above, this speaker is a compact cylinder that is wider at the base than at the top.

It measures 3.24 x 3.24 x 5.97 inches and weighs just under a pound and a half (1.47 lb). This speaker is designed to be extremely compact and portable, with the gradual slimming of the device meant and designed for easy pick up and go.

There isn’t a handle or strap on the Revolve 2, but for about $100 more, the Revolve 2 + comes with a fabric handle and longer battery life.

The top of the cylinder, the skinny part, has all the physical buttons. These include power on/off, Bluetooth, volume +/-, a multifunction button, and an input button. In addition, the multifunction button can be used to move track forward and backward.

Bose designed this device to have a seamless aluminum grille, with silicon top and bottom for durability.

The speaker grille covers 360-degrees of the bottom half of the speaker.

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bose soundlink revolve 2 review

Bose comes with a standard for sound already, so when you’re purchasing a Bose product, you expect a certain quality of sound.

The Revolve delivers on a very neutral sound for all listening types, which can be good or bad depending on what your music preference is.

It doesn’t excel at anything in particular, and even lacks a bit of that low bass you’d want to hear from some EDM songs.

There are duel passive radiators positioned at the top of the cylinder, with a transducer facing downward into the acoustic deflector, which delivers on that 360-degree sound.

The deflector really helps push music around the room, almost like a soundstage, so you get wide and spacious sound no matter where you’re positioned around the device.

Mid-range vocals and instruments sound crisp and clear, but as mentioned, you barely hear the lower, background bass that sometimes makes or breaks a song.

Unfortunately, as with most compact speakers, the quality begins to degrade with the volume at high levels.

As mentioned above, the app doesn’t provide additional EQ options. However, Bose has done a really great job of providing a neutral sound profile for all types of music.

Regardless of what you’re listening to, you won’t be overly disappointed.

Cons & Other Considerations

What I Love:

The Revolve is compact, and very easy to use. It’s not overly complicated, and its quality is high-end. It doesn’t feel cheap, or breakable by any means, and with the IP55 rating, it’s suitable to bring to the beach, or an outside destination.

The sound is a classic Bose profile, appeasing the many. However, if you’re looking to blow the roof off a party, you may be disappointed. This isn’t a party speaker.

What I Think Could Be Better:

The battery life is subpar for the market. You can find speakers with upwards of 20 hours of playtime for similar pricing. However, this may not affect people who use it on and off throughout the day. Some tests have also shown this 13 hours to be extended at lower volumes.

The handle piece is a miss on the Revolve 2, and having to pay almost $100 more just to get a handle seems ridiculous. How much more would it have cost them to just put a handle on? There is a thread on the bottom to mount the device, but you don’t really want to do that to a portable device.

Lastly, not being able to adjust EQ is a real bummer. Although Bose has done a great job of making the sound neutral, it would be handy to be able to play with it a bit depending on your music tastes.

My Final Verdict: A light-weight speaker with huge potential

At the end of the day, you won’t be disappointed with a Bose product. However, with that being said, there were some basic needs missing on this speaker.

For an over $200 price range, you want to invest in something relatively sound and functional. The Bose Revolve 2 provides 90% of what a portable speaker user would be looking for.

It’s a great device for around the home, and on the odd outdoor adventure. For a basic listener, you’ll be satisfied with the sound, and it’s durable and portable enough that you don’t have to worry where it is.

Take a look at some of my other reviews for a better understanding of what speakers may be of better use to your situation!

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  • Aubin Tshiyole

    There are just too many speakers these days to know which one is good for you and which one is not. In your opinion, would you recommend that I purchase this speaker? Also, what makes this speaker different from the rest? I will be sure this article with friends and family. 

    • Brooke

      Bose is always a great brand, and you never really have to worry when purchasing Bose. However, if you’re looking for portability and something you can entertain a small group with, this is definitely the right speaker. After doing the review on the Revolve 2, I would suggest going with the Revolve 2 plus, just because of the handle that comes with it.

      Thanks for your comment!

  • Linda

    The last time I looked into a blutooth review was a long time ago. I’m not even close to my fourties LOL and I think i’m getting behind ya’ll! I think a DJ would be blessed to have this speaker. Or maybe even the church ministry to blast out the word of GOD! Sure, why not? Who says secular music is the only type to listen out there? 

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