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Bluetooth on Nintendo Switch – How To Guide

Bluetooth On Nintendo Switch

A Quick How-To Guide

And just like that the most demanded feature for the Switch has become available overnight! Bluetooth on Nintendo Switch!

All of us are wondering why it took so long for an update to support Bluetooth on Nintendo Switch as it seems to be a basic feature on most devices these days. Especially when you consider the mobility of this device and the numerous areas of the world you may be playing it. Bluetooth on Nintendo Switch just makes sense, and we are glad the developers thought so as well.

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I’ll talk about the most recent update, and how to ensure your device has it installed. As well, I’ll cover off on how to connect your Bluetooth device to your Nintendo Switch.

Join me in reviewing the how-to for Bluetooth on Nintendo Switch!

The Newst Update

As mentioned, on September 14th, Nintendo came through with their latest software update for all switch models, including the OLED-screened Switch.

Included in this update were several additional features like:

“Bluetooth Audio Supported” – Headphones, earbuds, speakers, and other audio devices that connect with Bluetooth can now be paired to your Switch for an audio output.

– Microphones are not supported.
– Up to two compatible wireless controllers can be connected at one time in sync with Bluetooth audio.
– If local wireless communication is active, Bluetooth audio cannot be used.
– Audio delay with certain Bluetooth devices may be apparent.

“Update Dock” – Dock updates were added under System in System settings for Nintendo Switch and OLED model systems, allowing for software updated to the Switch docks with a LAN port. This is not available for Switch Lite.

“Maintain Internet Connection in Sleep Mode” – When this setting is enabled, you’ll be able to keep your Switch wired to an internet connection and maintain that even when it sleep mode. This gives you the ability to software and add-on content to download even when in sleep mode.

“Calibrate Control Sticks” – In System Settings, under controllers and sensors you can now select Calibrate Control Sticks to recalibrate your controllers.

How To Install

In most situations, your Nintendo Switch should be automatically downloading any new and updated software. If you’re unsure, following these steps to ensure you have the newest update installed.

To verify your current version, and/or manually start your update go to:

1. System Settings

bluetooth on nintendo switch

2. System

bluetooth on nintendo switch

3. System Update

Make sure the system update version says “Current Version 13.0.0”. If it does you have the most recent update ready to go!

Connect Bluetooth On Nintendo Switch

From here its pretty simple. Head into System Settings and scroll down to the last 4 options where you’ll find “Bluetooth Audio”. Select “Pair device”.

bluetooth on Nintendo switch

Once you have the Bluetooth device of your choice selected you’re good to go!

Obviously while traveling or in a shared space the handheld mode is great and you don’t have to worry about getting caught up in your headphone wires anymore.

However, what’s even better is during dock mode you can also have it paired, allowing you to use the TV for a screen and not disrupt anyone in the house. This is ideal for me as I get up very early for work and sometimes like to play a game or two before getting ready. I can do this with my Airpods now!

Final Thoughts

This has been a much anticipated update for the Nintendo Switch and having the ability to connect via your favorite Bluetooth device is amazing!

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A few details to remember, having your Bluetooth connected means you can only have up to two compatible wireless controllers. Normally your switch would support up to 8, however, unless you’re connecting yourself to Bluetooth and your other players not, there really doesn’t seem to be a situation where you need to have Bluetooth connected when you’re playing with numerous players.

Also, Nintendo has mentioned some potential for lag in the audio. As this is a new update, there will be some kinks to smooth over before it can be seamless. However, I never noticed any trouble with the audio while I played.

I hope this article has helped you get Bluetooth on Nintendo Switch and I look forward to hearing how your gameplay has changed since!

Talk soon,



  • Vakaris

    Thanks for the picture explanation of how to connect Bluetooth devices to a Switch. One of the reasons I haven’t bought the Switch yet was because of no Bluetooth accessibility. Now I can connect my wireless headphones and jam to music while playing games. BTW what headphones do you prefer on the switch and is there any difference?

    • Brooke

      Hey there!

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, this has been a much anticipated update release from Nintendo and it’s exciting to think we can use our Bluetooth headphones or speakers to connect to your switch. Having had a lot of discussion around it, I think it’s clear we all agree this should have happened years ago!

      It really is a personal choice for your headphone decision! I use my airpods because I love them! But that doesn’t mean they are the best to use. 

      Similar to the airpods, I recently did a review on the Galaxy Buds Pro, which compares very closely to the airpods and can be an effective choice for your switch as well. Take a look here: https://bluetoothspeakerreview

      I hope this helped you out and I look forward to hearing more from you 🙂

      Talk soon,


  • Erica Schulte

    This is so cool! Thank you very much for sharing this helpful how-to guide for getting the bluetooth feature on Nintendo Switch up and running. I have been a Nintendo fan since the original days of Super Nintendo, and it continues to be one of my favorite, nostalgic past times. I look forward to playing with the best sound experience I’ve ever enjoyed!

    • Brooke


      Yeah, a total game changer for us Nintendo fans 🙂 As I mentioned in some other comments, a much anticipated release for a very popular gaming system.

      Have a great day!


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