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Best Rated Outdoor Speakers – And How To Make Them Bluetooth

Best Rated Outdoor Speakers

best rated outdoor speakers

If you’re looking for the best rated outdoor speakers then you’ve come to the right place! But I also have one more trick up my sleeve.

Not only am I going to break down the top 3 best rated outdoor speakers by quality, price, and sales, I am also going to help you turn them into Bluetooth enabled speakers for the most convenient outdoor speaker set up you’ve ever had!

Don’t believe me?! Check out my best rated outdoor speakers review below!

What You Need To Make Any Outdoor Speaker Bluetooth

This may be common knowledge for some, however it may be a total mystery for others who are just getting into the speaker scene! It’s really simple, and will eliminate a lot of stress for you when you go to set up your system on your patio or in your garage.

First things first, you will need to purchase yourself a Bluetooth Amplifer. Be expected to spend about $100 bucks on this device, but I promise it will be worth it in the end. What this amp will do is it will connect to your speaker as per your speakers regular audio connections (red and black). Once connected and powered on, this device will emit a Bluetooth signal that you can use your phone to connect with. From there, you can play all of your music with the tap of a button. best rated outdoor speakers

If you’re doing more than one speaker, you’ll want an amplifier that will connect numerous RCA cables, such as the picture to the side with two speaker connections.

When plugged into power, this device will project Bluetooth connectivity through an antenna. From there you can connect your phone and play you’re favorite music through your speakers. Just ensure you’re speakers have power as well!

Tip: Mount your amp somewhere in between your speakers for better connections and to lessen the length of RCA audio cables you’ll need. 

Most amplifiers will also allow you to adjust your EQ metrics on the front such as treble, bass, mis-range etc.

Polk Audio Atrium 4 – Best Seller

best rated outdoor speakersFirst runner up! Listed as best seller on Amazon, the Polk Audio Atrium 4 is sold in a pack of two with mounts included. It currently carries a 4.6/5 star rating on Amazon out of 3,897 reviews.

These speakers are most popular for their 180-degree speed-lock mounting system. The instructions indicate that you simply have to install the mount where you’d like it, click the speaker into place, adjust the tilt how you’d prefer and tighten the mount.

The polk audio atrium 4 features a broader “baffle” design. The design spans further to the sides to allow sound to carry in a broader fashion. As with most outdoor speakers, the wire connections on the back are stainless steel and 100% rust free.

This speaker wouldn’t be the best seller if it wasn’t completely weather proof, which of course it is. In fact, this speaker exceeds the baseline and military specifications for environmental endurance.

Featuring 4.5″ drivers and .75″ tweeters, all of the reviews are happy with the quality of sound, noting that most are impressed with the bass capabilities of the speaker. It delivers at 80 watts and the dimensions of this product are 8-5/8″ H x 5-11/16″ W x 6-11/16″ D, and it weighs just under 4lbs.

Bose 251 Environmental Outdoor Speakers – Best Quality

best rated outdoor speakersYou really cannot go wrong with a Bose product… as long as you’re willing to spend the money!

Through and through Bose products will always have your back in all categories, and the 251 environmental outdoor speakers will not disappoint. Rated 4.8/5 stars on Amazon from 707 different reviews, this product takes the cake for best quality.

They include 2 speakers and two mounts and come in either black or white. Both the mounts and speakers are completely weather resistant and 100% rust free.

These Bose speakers feature a Bose specific articulated array speaker design, which means that the drivers inside the speaker are positioned as such, they can produce a large and consistent sound field. You’ll get broader sound coverage regardless of where the speaker is placed.

Featuring two 2.5″ full-range drivers and a 5.25″ woofer, you’re sure to get an outstanding sound. These speakers are sleek and compact, measuring ‎11.4 x 15.2 x 31.5 cm and weighing about 8lb each. It also features 100 watt power.

The best feature with these Bose speakers is the SoundTouch app that connects to them. The app allows you to connect with your smartphone or tablet to take control of your listening experience. You can use popular music streaming services such as Spotify, or listen to your favorite streaming radio.

KICKER KB6 – Best Price

Last but definitely not least, you have the best rated speaker with the best price! Coming in significantly cheaper than thebest rated outdoor speakers other two speakers, the Kicker KB6 carries fantastic reviews for a quarter less of the competitors price. The speaker is rated 4.6/5 stars on Amazon out of 728 reviews.

Inside this speaker you’ll find a 6.5 inch woofer and 2×5” compression-loaded horn tweeters covered by a completely weather resistant body. This speaker handles up to 150 watts of power, which is higher than any of the other two speaker. Hence the name ‘Kicker”!

The Kicker comes in a pair of 2 with mounting brackets for each. It can be mounted vertically or horizontally and pivots 180-degrees.

Although this speaker may not be as aesthetically pleasing compared to the previous speakers, it packs all the same punch as the Polk and offers the same easy to install mounting brackets.

The Kicker measures 43.18 x 25.4 x 40.64 cm and each speaker weighs about 7lb.

My Verdict

All in all, it really depends on what you’re looking for in your speaker. Myself personally, Id go with the Bose. I like well-known and well-sought after brands such as Bose, Sonos, Sony ect because they are reliable, and have stood the test of time. I love that the Bose features its own app, accessible through your Wi-Fi connection. I also have a passion for electronics, specifically speakers, and am not afraid to spend a pretty penny on them.

This may not be the case for everyone, and I am happy to know there are more than enough choices within both budget friendly categories as well as quality categories.

I hope my article has helped you navigate the world of outdoor speakers, and I look forward to any comments or questions you may have below!

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  • Paolo

    Thank you very much for helping us make outdoor speakers Bluetooth. I really like the Polk Audio Atrium 4 speakers. And adding the Bluetooth feature to it makes it awesome. I didn’t know this was possible. We’re planning to explore the great outdoors in November. And taking these speakers with us will be great.

    • Brooke

      Good Morning,

      These days, almost anything is possible with the technology out there! I am happy you found some information within my article to help push you in the right direction for setting up your outdoor sound experience.

      Talk soon!


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