Bang Olufsen Beosound Explore Review
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Bang Olufsen Beosound Explore Review – A canny 360 degree experience

Bang Olufsen Beosound Explore Review

A canny 360 degree experience

This Bang Olufsen Beosound Explore Review outlines the company’s only portable 360 degree speaker, and least expensive from a luxury audio company.

If you hadn’t seen them around yet, Bang & Olufsen is a Danish company known for their high-end manufacturing of large-scale audio products, from headphones, to speakers, earbuds and even TV’s.

I know this company most from some of their most bizarre speakers, and appreciate them for their creativity. However, the Beosound Explore is one of the most normal looking speakers, as well as one of their most portable and rugged.

Join me in my Bang Olufsen Beosound Explore Review where I’ll walk through the design, specs, and sound profile for this 360′ portable speaker. I’ll also touch on what I think makes this speaker a win, and what could be better.


It’s easy to refer to this speaker as a can or tin because of its short, cylindrical design. This neat can or tin looking speaker comes in 3 different colors, gray, black and green. It was designed to be a highly portable and durable speaker, and can be brought anywhere at anytime.

It literally sits in the palm of your hand, but can be connected to you via the carabiner clip included in the box.

The Beosound Explore is IP67 rated, and can withstand water submersion up to 30 minutes without damaging it. It is fully dust proof, making it the best hiking or outdoor companion speaker.

Featuring an unbelievable battery life that we will get to in the design portion, this speaker is able to go on long treks without the worry of damage or battery life.

Bang & Olufsen made their most portable 360′ speaker for a reasonable price of $199.99. This price is competitive with the rest of the market for size and durability.

Connect the speaker to the Bang & Olufsen app to customize EQ and Beosonic sound customization, which allows for bright, warmer sounds, or more relaxed sounds. You will be able to control things such as high/low bass and high/low treble.

There are lots of EQ options to customize with, and despite some of the less attractive sound profiles, will allow you to find the right balance for any occasion.

Design & Specs

The Beosound Explore is made from ionized aluminum, polymer and fabric. The aluminum and polymer cover the outside surface, while the fabric lays within the interior to protect from dust and water.

The grille is cut to deliver on the 360′ sound profile and has a tough rubberized base. On top of the speaker are all of the controls including, power on/off, Bluetooth connections, play/pause, and volumes up and down.

The speaker measures 81 W x 124 H x 81 D mm and weighs 637 grams. bang & olufsen beosound review

Along one side is a belt strap, and the speaker comes with a carabiner clip to affix the speaker to any backpack, bag or belt loop. The added clip is something you don’t see with most speakers, and helps amplify the portability of this speaker. Below this same side is a USB port not protected by a rubberized weather flap.

The Beosound Explore comes with a remarkable 27 hours of play time at medium volumes. Of course, this will change depending on how loud you have it, and for how long. It only takes 2 hours to fully charge. It also has an automatic battery-saving feature that will shut the device off if it has inactivity for longer than 15 minutes.

This portable speaker has Bluetooth 5.2, and can connect with any Bluetooth device up to 45 meters away. You can also connect up to 2 Bluetooth devices with it.

There are no mics, and therefore will not allow for speakerphone capabilities or smart assistant usage.


This speaker features 230W class D amplifiers and two 1.8 inch full range drivers. Although it pushes the sound 360 degrees around the room or environment, it doesn’t carry the best sound profile.

As the speaker gets louder there is a clear distortion of the highs, something that would irritate a lot of people. The bass continues to power through, but it’s obvious the rest of the music fails at high volumes.

Because of the plethora of EQ options, this is something you can work with in different environments to help alleviate this concern.

With smaller speakers, you’re only going to be able to push so much music out. The Beosound Explore is definitely a companion speaker as opposed to a party speaker. It is meant to be kept close.

The maximum sound level of this speaker is 91 decibels.

Cons and Other Considerationsbang & olufsen beosound review

The battery life on this speaker is unbelievable, and although some studies have shown it to be overexaggerated, anything more than 20 hour play-time on a 2 hour charge makes it note-worthy.

It is durable in any environment, and you don’t have to worry about how dirty or wet it gets.

I love, love, love that it comes with an attachable clip. Most speakers only come with a strap you can purchase a clip for, but that always adds to your purchasing process. However, the added clip doesn’t justify the competitive $200 price tag.

The sound, although decent enough at certain volumes, is where this speaker falls short. Unfortunately, in the portable speaker industry, being rugged just isn’t enough. The sound has to be there, and considering this speaker is priced identically to a lot of high performing speakers, it’s hard to justify the purchase.

You can choose to play with the many EQ options to try and get the right sound, but again, this takes time and experimenting. This isn’t something you want to do when you’re spending top dollar.

My Verdict: A cool speaker, with subpar sound

At the end of the day I have a lot of respect for Bang & Olufsen, but this speaker just doesn’t check all the boxes for a $200 price tag.

Its a really cool looking speaker, and it performs physically on par with the competition. The sound just isn’t quiet there.

If you’re looking for a small speaker, that straps easily, can withstand the elements, and is for personal use in small areas or just for yourself, this is a great speaker.

Thanks for reading my Bang Olufsen Beosound Explore Review and I hope I’ve helped eliminate the research for you!

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