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Audio Pro Addon T3 – Sound Of Scandinavia

Audio Pro Addon T3

Audio Pro Addon T3

The Audio Pro Addon T3 is part of a larger line up from the Scandinavian company Audio Pro. Having created speakers for over 4 decades, starting in 1978, Audio Pro is all about powerful speakers in small packages. Everything coming from this company, including the Audio Pro Addon T3, are wireless and pack a big punch!

They pride themselves on design, both inside and out, striving for that modern, simple and sleek look without sacrificing performance. Having claimed and patented technologies such as their ACE-Bass technology, Audio Pro continues to impress with smaller and smaller speakers, with loud and impressive bass.

In my Audio Pro Addon T3 review, I’ll speak to an overview of the speaker, the important specs that may be noteworthy in your research, and what I really love and maybe don’t love so much about the Audio Pro Addon T3.

Join me in reviewing the sound of Scandinavia with the Audio Pro Addon T3!

Overview of the Audio Pro Addon T3

Aesthetically, the Audio Pro Addon T3 doesn’t look super impressive. As I mentioned above, this company strives for a simplistic look and doesn’t build their speakers to be eye-catching. They aim for a modern approach, looking to enhance practicality, and boast beautiful bass and sound.

Although this speaker may not fit in your purse, it’s built to be a kit to carry with you and still manages to classify itself as a portable speaker. Ringing in at a reasonable price from Amazon at $230, this speaker really focuses on what it does well and doesn’t push the boundaries of what it cannot do. Where you may find some budget friendly speakers will push themselves, distorting sound and creating a tinny environment, the Audio Pro Addon T3 stays within its limits. This can be appreciated by listeners who utilize this device within its means.

This speaker comes in three different colors, grey, black, and white, allowing it to blend into any environment. The colors have a matte finish, and it features a genuine leather strap and a metallic control panel on the top. Reviews claim that this speaker really boasts a luxury feel to it.

Important Specs

Battery Life:

This speaker carries an unbelievable amount of battery life, with 30 hours at half volume and 12 hours at full volume. The speaker charges through a charging port in the back.


A fairly compact device, this portable speaker weighs in at 2 kg, and its size is 28.19 x 20.57 x 20.07 cm.


The T3 has Bluetooth 4.0, which spans about 33 feet. It has several ports on the back for power, USB port for phone charging, and an AUX port.


Deets on the inside are:

  • 60-20,000 Hz frequency
  • 2 5W digital amplifiers class D
  • 2 three quarter tweeters
  • 3.5-inch bass boost

What I LOVE!

My number one LOVE with the Audio Pro Addon T3 is the design. It has such a classic, retro look that is so appealing. A lot of speakers attempt to catch your eye with things like lights, design, buttons, etc., and it usually hides some downfalls with the sound.

The Audio Pro Addon T3 is a confident machine and doesn’t need to capture your eye to boast beautiful sound.

The second thing I love about this product is the sound, which ideally is the most important part of a speaker! The Audio Pro company has a lot of patient protected features such as their ACE-Bass.

My third favorite thing about this product is it’s battery life. This has got to be the longest battery for a portable speaker on the market today. Boasting 30 hours of play-time at half volume, and 12 hours of play-time at full volume you really can’t go wrong when you take this speaker out for an adventure!

Room For Improvement?

There’s not a lot of cons to this device. However, the few I have are:

The less Bluetooth you have, the less portable a device becomes. Having only Bluetooth 4.0 limits how far you can connect your phone, therefore, forcing you to have to be closer to the product.

The second concern I have is there are no smart speaker capabilities. There is no feature for smart assistants, no mic for speaker phone capabilities, and no multi-room syncing as with most portable speakers. Audio Pro really just focused on this speaker being the best “itself” it can be.

My Verdict

All in all, if you’re just looking for a quality speaker with quality sound you’ve found the right company. Audio Pro has really perfected the art of speaker design and sound and prides themselves on this remarkably engineered T3 speaker.

If you’re not looking for a smart speaker to connect with your home system, or smart assistants then this could be an affordable speaker for your listening pleasure!

If this isn’t your cup of tea, check out my other speaker reviews for a better fit to your needs 🙂

Thanks for reading my Audio Pro Addon T3 review and I encourage you to leave comments or questions below!

Talk soon,




  • Alicia

    I love that this speaker is compact in design, yet still powerful. I also love that it offers 30 hours of battery life, as you can use it all day without having to recharge it. Simply plug it in at night while you’re sleeping and it’s good to go the next day. I’m big on listening to music while I clean the house. It makes the job much more enjoyable.

    • Brooke

      Hey Alicia!

      Yeah this is a speaker that isn’t as widely known, despite the fact that the Audip Pro Company has been developing speakers since the late 70’s. It has a budget friendly approach, and a very high quality speaker.

      I look forward to doing more reviews from Audio Pro as I feel they are unrated.

      I love listening to music around the house, and even just as background noise. A lot of the time having music play in the background helps me focus more. The 30 hour battery life really makes this possible no matter where you are.

      Talk soon!


  • WealthyToks

    Hi! First, I want to appreciate your website. It’s so nice with the black theme I love it. Anyway, I really love listening to music, and to discover this type of speaker that has a 30 hrs battery life is so helpful. Thank you so much for making this article. Even though the speaker’s design is not that big, it’s somewhat compressed. It’s still powerful. I’m gonna look into this. Keep up the good work.

    • Brooke

      Hey there,

      Yeah I really wanted a design that people could easily navigated, was simple and clean, and gave a luxurious feel. I am so happy to hear how much everyone loves it 🙂 I always appreciate those comments. 

      Audio Pro is a significantly unrated company, mostly because some of their speakers aren’t as accessible to North America as the Sony, Samsung, JLB etc are. 

      Thanks for the comment! Have a great weekend!


  • Daniel Tshiyole

    This speaker seems like a decent speaker to have around the house but it does not seem portable. I am actually looking to buy a speaker for my house as I am always hosting people at my house. Tell me, is this speaker with it or are they any other speakers I can try out?

    • Brooke

      Hey Daniel,

      This speaker is a very simple speaker developed with sound and design in mind only. You’ll get great sound from it, and in a small room or out gardening you’ll be happy with what it produces. However, it doesn’t have the full range of portable speaker features as you’d normally see on todays market. It doesn’t have speaker phone or smart assistant capabilities. It isn’t claimed to have an IPX rating so I am unsure how it would fend in some water or dust activity, and it is a smaller speaker so it won’t blow the socks off any party. 

      It really depends what you’re looking for 🙂

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