anker soundcore flare review
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Anker Soundcore Flare Review – Budget friendly and impressive!

Anker Soundcore Flare Review

Anker has always maintained a budget friendly profile for their speakers. However, during my Anker Soundcore Flare review, I quickly realized the level up to their design and sound profiles.

Still maintaining a budget friendly price, Anker has managed to design a speaker that doesn’t hurt the bank, but gives you a premium portable speaker feel both in sound and design. I was excited to test out this speaker further.

Pricing at just under $100, this 360 degree speaker is sure to impress. Join me for my Anker Soundcore Flare review!

Overview & Specs

Overall this speaker is an amazing value for a budget friendly price, and checks off most of the boxes required for a portable speaker, including the cheesy light show!

Having reviewed a lot of speakers, I find the light shows to be too much, and yet they continue to get built into speakers, so someone out there must like them! All differences aside, it adds a dynamic to the speaker that you won’t normally find in higher end devices.

The Anker Soundcore Flare is a solid device that connects via Bluetooth 4.2 or AUX input (cable not included). It has top notch element resistances, rating it an IPX7 for water, dust and impact resistance.

The light show, EQ and firmware updates can be accessed through the companion app included with the device. You can also connect two flare speakers together for a stereo sound environment.

Although speaker phone functionality is becoming a way of the past, this budget friendly speaker does include speakerphone capabilities, allows you to control it through your smart assistant.

The Flare carries a 12 hour battery life, however, the LED’s and volume will determine whether you get more or less of that battery life. It’s noticed that at about 60% volume and medium light intensity, the battery will last the full 12 hours. The LED’s can also be disabled completely, and it takes 3.5 hours to fully charge.

anker soundcore flare review


The Flare has a cylindrical design, and is covered in a cloth mesh material that gives it that premium feel. It has a rubberized base that keeps the device firmly in place.

It measures 3.6 x 3.6 x 6 inches and only weighs 1.7 pounds, making it extremely portable and lightweight.

It has an IPX7 rating, making it virtually resistant to every element, so there are no worries if it gets dropped into the pool, or into the sand at the beach.

The LED’s are featured both at the top of the device as a cone, and the bottom of the device.

The speaker grille covers 360 degrees of the device, making it easy to enjoy the speaker regardless of where you’re situated around it.  Because the circumference of the device is 3.6 inches, the device fits easily into the palm of your hand without worries.

This speaker was definitely designed to be portable.

At the “back” of the device is a Bluetooth pairing button, power button, and encased in a rubberized flap, the USB charging port and 3.5 mm AUX input. Unfortunately, the device doesn’t include an audio input cable, so you’ll have to purchase your own.

On the top of the device you’ll find the rest of the playback buttons, including track navigation, volume up/down, speakerphone on/off, bass enhancement, and LED light control.


This 360 degree speaker features 2 1.75” full range drivers and 2 passive radiators for a 6 watt output. The digital processor within the Flare customizes to enhance the music’s bass frequency.anker soundcore flare review

The bass within this speaker is considerably impressive for the price and size of the speaker, making it the shining part of this speaker. You can control EQ through the companion app, but each EQ doesn’t seem to change the sound profile too much.

At higher volumes the bass stays true, but the mids and highs become shaky. This is expected from a lower budget speaker, but the bass makes up for the deficiencies at the higher sound end.

I am still overly impressed with the sound you get from this speaker, however it doesn’t pump out the loudness as well as other portable speakers do.

Cons and Other Considerations

What I Love!

I always appreciate a speaker with 360 degree sound. It eliminates the constant struggle to adjust the positioning of the speaker. With 360 degree sound, you’re getting the best of the speaker from each angle.

The sound from this speaker, for the cost, is impressive to say the least. Very much worth the money and the chance on it.

I also appreciate that instead of keeping the entire speaker plastic, which gives it that budget feel, Anker has chosen a mesh cloth material, giving it that feel of luxury.

What Could Be Better..

At the end of the day, you’re getting what you pay. As volume gets louder your mid and high frequencies get lost. Your bass makes up for it, but you’ll notice it. It’s best to keep this speaker between 60% and 70% volume to get the best sound.

Your bass is amazing regardless, so you’ll enjoy that aspect.

The battery life is long, but easily eaten up. Any volume above 70% will eat your battery life quickly, and that doesn’t include having the LED lights.

One of my distastes towards the LED’s is the fact that they naturally eat away at your battery life, which eliminates the length of time you get to enjoy the music from your speaker. I don’t much care for the LED lights, and have never found a reason to purchase a speaker with one.

My suggestion is leave the lights off if you purchase this speaker,

My Verdict: Budget friendly, high performer

For the price, this speaker out performs other speakers at the same price range, by a mile.

The Anker Soundcore Flare is a solid speaker, with decent sound, a long battery life, and is easily portable for any type of activity it may join you for!

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  • Stratos K

    I was considering buying a Bluetooth speaker but there are so many out there that you really don’t know what to choose from. When it comes to Bluetooth speakers for me the most important thing to look for is a stable wireless connection. I had a lot of bad experience in the past with speakers that would constantly lose the connection which is really not ideal. Didi you have any problems with disconnections during use?

    • Brooke

      Good question, and I appreciate you asking! No, I haven’t faced this issue, but I can understand your concern. Your best bet is to look for a device that features a Bluetooth 5.0 or better version, as these are the newest releases. If you have an android, getting a device that also has NFC pairing will help eliminate this concern 🙂

      Talk soon!

  • Hari S Nair

    Thank you for such a great review. We have a lot of friends and family gathering at our home so I am thinking of getting budget-friendly speakers with a decent sound to enjoy the perfect evenings. As you said that these speakers have a good sound output and the lighting effect at the upper and bottom sides of the cone will definitely set the mood of the party and serve my purpose. I think this will be a great option for me. Thank you for the suggestion.

    • Brooke

      Hey Hari!

      Anker is really making a name for themselves in the budget-friendly category. They are always great starter speakers if you’re looking into one. 

      I will suggest a JBL, or Sony speaker if you want to try and fill a room. I just finished chatting with someone who was commenting on the Ultimate Ears brand as well. They have quality speakers for a consistently appealing price tag.

      Hope you find what you’re looking for!

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