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Welcome to my web page! Here you’ll find a collection of Bluetooth speakers/devices I have either personally tested or thoroughly reviewed based on my speaker/audio experience. Music is my passion, and devices are my review!

“The Next Best Thing”

I read an article awhile back that stated that my age group was one of its kind to have grown up both with the internet, as well as remember a time without the internet or technology of its kind. Throughout the years I remember the first VCR, the first desktop computer, the growth of the internet and the electronics that grew so quickly along with it.

Instantly I was fascinated. I enjoyed the “next best thing” and looking back now I laugh at how simple technology was, and how it has created such an interest for me today. There are so many avenues of technology now that it can be very overwhelming, and when you’re researching it can become a daunting task. Hopefully I can help with that!

To Invest Good Money, You Want Good Research

I’ve always loved music, and I remember when my Father purchased a 1980 Kenwood stereo system. Boy, did that thing pump out music! I think I blew the speakers three or four times while seeing just how loud I could get it to go. It also took up about 3/4 of the living room! Obviously we have progressed since then, but the industry has also become over run with both quality speakers, and crappy speakers.

bluetooth speaker review

My dad always said that when you invest good money, you want to do good research. When looking for my first sound system, it wasn’t easy to find reliable and easily accessible information that wasn’t just trying to get you to “buy now!”.

This is why I am here today, to make it easy for people to find the right technology to fit the situation and person.

Why Bluetooth Speaker Review?

My goal today is to make your life easy. I want to help create a clear decision for you when you make your next big purchase. Let me help you invest your good money with good research!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to reach out and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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